Aquino III provoked China to accuse the current government of its policy toward China before the ASEAN meeting.

Aquino III provoked China to accuse the current government of its policy toward China before the ASEAN meeting.

The ASEAN Foreign Ministers'Meeting and a series of meetings will be held in Singapore on August 2. At this time of year, the western media will launch a wave of speculation about the South China Sea issue, trying to kidnap the theme of the conference. However, this year, the Japanese media, which has always been "busy" admitted that the South China Sea issue continued to cool down at the ASEAN Foreign Ministers'Meeting. The Japanese news agency said in July 31st that a draft of the joint statement of the ASEAN foreign ministers' meeting in advance showed that the issue of militarization of the South China Sea only called "some countries expressed concern", and avoided naming China as before. The Asian review of Japan said that both Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and United States Secretary of state Pompeio will take part in the series, and the US China trade war will be expected to be concerned.

Singapore is the rotating presidency of ASEAN this year. According to the agenda of the Global Times reporter, the 10 ASEAN long meeting will be held on the 2 day, on the 2 and 3, and ASEAN will also hold the 10+1 foreign ministers' meeting with Japan, Russia, China, New Zealand, Australia, India, the EU, Canada, South Korea, the United States and other dialogues. After that, ASEAN will be held in August 4th. China, Japan and South Korea (10 + 3) Foreign Ministers'Meeting, and held the 8th East Asia Summit (EAS) Foreign Ministers' Meeting and the 25th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Foreign Ministers'Meeting in the afternoon.

The ASEAN Foreign Ministers'Meeting of the East Asian Cooperation Series is the largest one of the ASEAN annual meetings, and the ASEAN "circle of friends" has been expanded. In addition to the regular meetings of foreign ministers, Argentina and Iran will sign the Treaty on friendship and cooperation in Southeast Asia during this meeting. Turkey will also hold three - side talks with the ASEAN presidency and the Secretariat for the first time. These "new friends" are expected to further enhance the international and regional influence of ASEAN.

Despite the overall cooling of the South China Sea issue, in some countries, some ulterior motives are still being exploited. According to a number of media in Philippines, 31, the former president of the Philippines Aquino III recently launched an attack on the Duthel Te administration's policy against China, accusing the present government of "opaque" on the South China Sea issue. In this regard, Cayetano, foreign minister of Philippines, told the media before joining the meeting in Singapore that the government was very transparent in dealing with the issue of the South China Sea. There was no "secret talks" or "secret agreements" between Philippines and China, but it was not transparent to China on the Aquino government period on the Huangyan island issue and did not produce it. Any benefit to the fishermen of the Philippines. He also disclosed that the Philippines and China on the South China Sea cooperation in oil production negotiations are still in progress, the government ensured that the final agreement can be approved by the Philippine Supreme Court.

On the 31 day, a The Associated Press report was reprinted by several media. The report quoted the "Philippines official report" as saying that every time the Philippine military aircraft received a warning from the Chinese island in Spratly Islands, the warnings were 46 times in the second half of last year. The report said that similar information in the past was usually issued by the China coast guard, but now the Philippine military suspects that some of the information "may be sent out of new islands controlled by Beijing", "China has set up better communications and reconnaissance equipment on these islands".

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