The mainland delegation was invited to Taiwan for difficulties.

The mainland delegation was invited to Taiwan for difficulties.

Original title: Hong Kong media: APEC wrestling Taiwan trouble ahead

According to the Hongkong China Review Agency reported in August 1st, a 3 person delegation from the mainland had come to Taiwan to participate in the APEC related activities early in the mainland. It was not difficult to distinguish the "difficult" to return to the mainland when they entered the country. It was not difficult to distinguish it. Look at the incident and know how the Taiwan authorities wanted to retaliate the mainland's mentality and behavior in the near future. Can.

The APEC event, held in Taipei in from July 19th to 20th, was called the 2018 "Digital Innovation Forum", held by the APEC new unit "digital innovation working group". The 2 day event has 8 thematic speeches, 6 expert discussions and 5 Digital innovators' experience sharing, with about 30 scientific and technological leaders participating in the world.

When the mainland delegation arrived in Taiwan, they were faced with "making difficulties". It was first disclosed by Xu Gaoqing, a "sightseeing elder" in Taiwan. Xu Gaoqing said in Facebook that mainland people were invited to go to Taiwan but refused to enter the country. The "Ministry of foreign affairs" in Taiwan did not give the "Immigration Department" in accordance with the regulations. It made the visitors of the APEC passport who were able to pass the customs obstructed, from noon to dusk, and the guests were disagreeing to return to the mainland, although they agreed to enter the country.

The "foreign ministry" in July 29th expressed "dismay and regret" on the news, saying that "the mainland delayed the complete information of the delegates, but the Ministry of foreign affairs sent the invitation immediately after receiving it, and there was no delay in any delay".

On July 30th, the spokesman of the National Taiwan office, Ann Feng Shan, pointed out that the Democratic Progressive Party authorities ignored the APEC practice and led the mainland delegation to take part in the digital innovation forum of the APEC industrial and commercial Advisory Council, which should bear all the responsibilities and consequences. The facts and nature of this matter are very clear. Taiwan's relevant speeches will not succeed in attempting to confuse audio-visual, distort facts and shirk responsibility. We hope that the Chinese side of Taipei will seriously reflect on it and take concrete actions to correct it.

The mainland delegation was suspected of being "difficult" to be unable to attend the APEC related activities in Taipei. The Taiwan authorities tried to leave the responsibility clear, but the mainland would not accept it and the outside world knew the truth. Over the past two years, the Taiwan authorities have said that one set of practices is incompatible with the mainland people's incompatibility with Taiwan.

The 2018 APEC summit will be held in new Guinea, Papua in from November 12th to 18th. Recently, there was a message that James Soong, the president of the party, had no intention of being able to represent Taiwan again. The DPP authorities may change the political figures of the green camp. In this way, the mainland may veto. Taiwan's participation in APEC must be guided by the memorandum of understanding and subject to the mainland. It is not wise for Taiwan to take advantage of the Digital Innovation Forum in Taipei to retaliate against the mainland and make small gestures. Troubles lie ahead.

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