The number of people who survived the crash of the Mexico airliner was updated to 103.

The number of people who survived the crash of the Mexico airliner was updated to 103.

Original title: Mexico aircraft crashed on the machine, the number of people returned to the crew was updated to 103 people.

China and the new network, August 1, according to foreign media reports, local time in July 31st, a Mexico civil aircraft from the north of the country, Durango one airport after takeoff, causing dozens of people on the machine injured. According to the latest news released by Durango state officials, there were 103 people on the plane, but not 101 people.

It was reported that the governor of Durango, Mexico, said the number of aircraft carried on the plane had increased to 103, because two minors were not included in the previous data. It was reported that 97 of the 101 people on board were passengers and 4 crew members.

The governor of Durango confirmed that the crew on board were all survived, the pilot of the plane and the other person were seriously injured, but the situation was stable and had been hospitalized.

According to previous reports, the accident caused more than 80 people on board, 49 of whom were treated by medical treatment.

According to reports, the aircraft belonged to Mexico airlines. Mexico airlines announced on the same day that the flight number of the incident was AM2431, with a maximum carrying capacity of 100.

The cause of the crash is still to be investigated. Airport operators said the accident may be related to bad weather conditions.


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