Nanfang Daily: the mainstream media should intensify supervision by public opinion.

Nanfang Daily: the mainstream media should intensify supervision by public opinion.

Original title: mainstream media should intensify supervision by public opinion.

Recently, public opinion supervision has become a hot topic of discussion in the media circle. Many media people sigh that the depth of journalists who are mainly engaged in the supervision of public opinion is serious, while some local Party committees are encouraged to increase the supervision of public opinion. Public opinion supervision is praised as the Pearl on the news crown and the booster of social progress. Its role can not be replaced and its value can not be underestimated.

Public opinion supervision often appears in the form of "criticism report", which aims at social injustice and incorrect decision-making. It can be said that it is innate with a strong sense of "problem". This is a healthy force to promote social progress. However, some localities and departments are not only lack of "problem consciousness" themselves, but also conflict with the supervision of public opinion which is good at finding problems. They equate the normal supervision of public opinion with "negative reporting" and are accustomed to treating the supervision of public opinion with the thinking of "fireproof and theft-proof journalists". Even a small number of leading cadres blamed and suppressed reporters for their own mistakes on the supervision of the media. All these are erroneous understanding of supervision by public opinion, but also against the principles and policies of the party's news and public opinion. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out clearly at the party's news and public opinion work symposium: "public opinion supervision and positive publicity are unified. The news media should face the problems that exist in the work, face the social evils, arouse the clear and criticize the times, and publish critical reports to be accurate and objective. Thus it can be seen that the Party Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, attaches importance to and encourages supervision by public opinion, which is by no means a monster in flood.

It is the duty of the media to engage in public opinion supervision. Whether it is to disseminate the Party's policy proposals, record the times, or to promote social progress, watch for fairness and justice, the media should make good use of the sharp weapon of public opinion supervision. First, because the public opinion supervision itself reveals the values that the society generally observance and expectation, the report involves the Enlightenment of the judgment of the position of the good and the bad and the good and the bad. The two is that the supervision of the public opinion is not the opposite of the positive propaganda. Although the role of the two is different, it is mutually beneficial and indispensable to the promotion of the two. The credibility and authority of the media are equally important. In a sense, public opinion supervision is also positive publicity. For example, the media's supervision over the pollution of some places and enterprises is not only an exposure problem, but also the publicity of the central government's environmental policy. The purpose is to promote good policies to take root in the grass-roots level. Isn't this a positive propaganda? If it is only to propagandize the advanced typical and highlight the report, and ignore the excavation of the problems and the criticism of the backward elements, a contrast effect can not be brought into play, and it is difficult to create an advanced social atmosphere, and the two can not satisfy the public's information demands, because they have the same knowledge of the negative typical, problems and shortcomings. Appeals. Lacking this will easily affect the credibility of the media in the minds of the audience.

What is the mainstream media in the mainstream? One of the most important criteria is the ability to set up a topic. On the supervision of public opinion, the mainstream media should also take the initiative to set up issues, be good at thinking from the perspective of promoting the implementation of the central policy and defending the interests of the people, looking at the shortcomings in the development with a greater vision and a more long-term view, dared to carry out critical reports and promote the progress of social development. Only by doing this can we make enough of the two public opinion fields to become the real mainstream media. Otherwise, the function of public opinion supervision is likely to be transferred to some media. This has been revealed in recent series of hot events. And the mixed self media, not only the legitimate supervision of public opinion, but also a variety of hype, incitement, rumor, to create a good public opinion is a blessing is a disaster, it is unpredictable. But it is certain that, as long as the mainstream media does not give way to the supervision of public opinion, even if it is facing the fierce competition from the media, it can still occupy the public opinion field of the new media. No matter whether it is for the construction of good public opinion ecology or the construction of healthy social ecology, there is no harm. Therefore, the mainstream media should also intensify supervision by public opinion.

Also, the potential is also. At present, China is in a period of intense change. The good policy of the Central Committee is urgently needed to be transformed into the sense of the masses, and the thought of the people centered development is also urgently needed to be tested. This is an opportunity for the news media to do well and to make great progress. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the policy of the party's press and public opinion and make positive publicity, and make full use of the supervision function of public opinion so as to make the party and the people satisfied.

Source: Nanfang Daily

Editor in responsibility: Wu Jinming

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