The "king of war" saved 400 lives in 21 years. The mayor made a special marriage for him.


Original title: Why did the mayor of Hangzhou marry him when he was married?

At 4 p. m. on July 30th, the 39 year old Cheng Ben left the training field, and walked along with his right hand on the sweat on the body, stride forward to the conference room of the 3 building, and saw the waiting gentleman.

The squadron captain of Hangzhou Fire Special Service Squadron No. 1 has been sweating since he joined the army as a firefighter at the age of 18. According to statistics, he has participated in various fires and rescue as many as 4000 times, personally saved more than 400 lives from the hands of the dead. In order to thank him for his contribution to the city, the mayor of Hangzhou had personally conducted the marriage ceremony for him.

Special service is the "old A" of the fire brigade

He was "the king of the old A"

In the TV series "soldiers assault", there is a mysterious special force named "old A". Their soldiers have to experience several times of ruthless elimination training than ordinary troops. All the selected soldiers are all the "soldiers" of one hundred miles, and the task is more important and difficult than the ordinary army.

In fact, the special team is the "old A" of the Hangzhou fire brigade, and now the first team leader of the team in the special team is the first batch of "old A". He, 1 meters 75 of the head, capable and simple, the body of a soldier's unique fortitude.

In peace years, when fire fighters are the most dangerous professions, Cheng Ben said that fire fighters are the most dangerous and hard jobs in the fire forces. Gas explosion, chemical dangerous goods leakage, chemical enterprise fire, major traffic accidents and construction site collapse...... The danger that ordinary forces can not cope with is often dealt with by them.

He asked him, how many lives have you saved from death in the past 21 years?

First he was silent, then he shrugged his shoulders and said, I really can't remember, I didn't remember, that's what firefighters do, what they do.

Get more than 400 lives back

The mayor specializes in his marriage

Cheng can't remember clearly. Fortunately, the fire department has a rough statistics: over the past 21 years, he has saved more than 400 lives. This number is equivalent to the total number of at least 10 fire squadrons.

In the past 21 years, Cheng has been involved in all kinds of fire fighting and disaster rescue and disaster rescue for nearly 4000 times. He has been set up by the public security fire brigade of Zhejiang province and the Party committee of Hangzhou public security fire brigade as "the advanced representative of Communist Party members".

In 2006, Cheng Ben was named the "training pacesetter" of the national public security fire brigade. The "Ten Outstanding firefighters" and the Zhejiang fire forces "emergency rescue and rescue pointed soldiers" and the "ten common civilian heroes" in Hangzhou were awarded the honorary title of "model people's police of Zhejiang province" by the people's Government of Zhejiang province. In 2008, he was awarded the honorary title of "National Model of Earthquake Relief" by the Central Committee of the Party, the State Council and the Central Military Commission, and became the real "King of Soldiers".

Cheng Benwei has made outstanding contributions to the safety of life and property of the city, and the city regards him as a hero.

In September 30, 2006, after Cheng was elected the first "ten big civilian hero" in Hangzhou, Hangzhou people learned that Cheng Ben's wedding was dragged for nearly 3 years because of the task of training emergency.

In the evening, at the scene of the award evening party in Hangzhou television station, the first uninformed Cheng Ben turned back and saw Wang Hui, the wife of the wedding dress, coming from the behind the scenes. In the eyes of the people, Sun Zhonghuan, the mayor of Hangzhou, personally married them.

"It was the happiest moment of my life, and from then on, I made up my mind that although the fire profession would still be in danger, I would always stick to my post and be a guardian of the people until I couldn't do it," Cheng said.

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