The girl injured the left-hand side seriously by putting the metal rice fork inserted wiring board.

The girl injured the left-hand side seriously by putting the metal rice fork inserted wiring board.

Original title: insert a metal fork into the wiring board. Two year old girl is "flying".

Yangzi Evening News Network July 31st news (correspondents Liu Wei Zhang Chunlei reporter Zhu Dingzhao) because of curiosity, the two year old Huaian girl Lele (pseudonym) inserted a metal fork for a meal into the wiring board. At the moment of electricity, Lele was hit by the electric current, causing severe burns in his hands and multiple organ damage. On the morning of 31, two year old Lele from Huaian to Nanjing for further treatment.

According to the family of Lele, Lele was playing with the metal fork for lunch at noon on the 29 day. Maybe because of curiosity, she inserted the metal fork into the socket of the ground board. At the moment of the family discovery, the music was struck by electric shock and the whole body was shot out. In the afternoon, Lele, who had just been pulled back from the death line, was transferred from the local hospital to Huaian Maternal and Child Health Hospital after the local hospital had no life-threatening emergency treatment. After the electric shock, the child's heart and respiration stopped. After the rescue in the local hospital, the heartbeat and breathing temporarily recovered.

But the child's state of mind is not clear, the consciousness obstacle is very obvious, after examining the hemorrhage of 20 milliliters of the digestive tract of the children, it is also accompanied by severe multiple organ dysfunction. According to the Department of Pediatrics director Lin Xiaofei, the current is from the left hand of the Lele, and then out of the right hand, left hand three fingers burn very seriously, the right hand damage is relatively light.

After a few days of treatment, Lele's disturbance of consciousness has eased, heart rate, respiration and blood pressure have remained relatively stable, and symptoms have improved significantly. "Now the biggest problem of music is the injury of the hand, especially the left hand injury is very serious, then there may be necrosis, and the degree of brain function recovery needs to be observed for a long time." Director Lin Xiaofei told reporters, in order to further the treatment of hand injuries, 31 am, Lele was transferred to a higher hospital. In daily life, the doctor says, children are often surprised by curiosity, the most common, such as cutting out a socket with a finger, poking a socket with a nail or metal stick or charging a key hole for a bicycle. Light will have the feeling of electrical stimulation without any symptoms or skin electrical injury. In life, the AC voltage is 220V. After electric shock, the skin of the child is often burned and necrotic, coking or carbonized. The entrance and exit can be together or not together, there are more than two injured surfaces, the serious heart beat and respiratory arrest.

If the parents find the child is electrocuted, the primary task is to cut off the power supply or make the electric shock person out of the power supply. There are often ways to turn off the power supply and pick out the wires. If the electric shock occurs at home or near the switch, switching off the power switch and pulling on the main switch is the simplest, safe and effective method. Use dry sticks and bamboo sticks to pick up wires from the patient and fix the wires to avoid electric shock. Don't worry. It's very important to keep your cool head with your bare hands. We must strictly maintain the insulation between ourselves and the electric shock, and do not contact the electric shock directly. The equipment selected must be insulated. Dry wood and thick plastic blocks at the foot to insulate themselves from the earth. If the child has heartbeat and sudden respiratory arrest, he should carry out CPR as soon as possible and call 120 for help.

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