8 state prosecutors indicted Trump government federal judge to stop 3D firearms printing

8 state prosecutors indicted Trump government federal judge to stop 3D firearms printing

Overseas network, August 1, a federal judge in Seattle, United States, a federal judge on Tuesday (31) issued a temporary ban in the afternoon, to stop the 3D drawings and print plastic gun plan, because the printing guns are difficult to trace back and test, may send out real bullets, thereby threatening public security.

According to The Associated Press, in June this year, the Trump administration reached a settlement agreement with Texas company Defense Distributed, allowing it to publish 3D print gun drawings on the network for downloading in August 1st. People can use 3D printers at home and print themselves with ABS plastic or metal materials. Pistol. The move sparked anger in the United States, saying it would increase security for people to print their own guns.

In July 30th, the Democratic Party attorney of the 8 states of the United States sued the Trump administration in the U.S. Federal District Court in the Western District of Washington, Seattle, seeking to block the settlement agreement and asked the court to issue a ban on the grounds of "3D pistol may cause security risks". Local time Tuesday (31), the day before the 3D blueprint printing pistol plan came into force, Seattle local judge Robert Lasnik (Robert Lasnik) issued a temporary ban to suspend the plan to temporarily put it on hold and plan to hold a hearing in August 10th.

Meanwhile, Democrats in the US Congress urged Trump to withdraw the decision to allow the 3D printing plan to be released. Trump said on 31 local time that he was thinking about the proposal and had discussed with the NRA, which he thought was "meaningless" for the public to get 3D plastic guns.

The white house refused to say whether Trump thought the 3D printing guns should be open to the public. Gidley (Hogan Gidley), a White House spokesman, told the media that Trump "will be committed to ensuring the safety of all American people and that it is the highest responsibility." Gidley emphasized that it is still illegal to manufacture plastic guns at all, including any use of 3D printers to manufacture guns. He said the US government will support the law and will "continue to consider all options, not only to provide the necessary protection for the American people, but also to the first and second amendments."

Earlier, Democratic senators held a news conference that Trump had the right to stop the company from publishing 3D gun drawings on the Internet. Trump, Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey, said, "if Trump does not take action today, every downloaded plastic AR-15 pistol will sweep the streets of our country, and Donald Trump will be responsible for it." Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut senator, also said that if Trump did not act, "his hands would be covered with blood."

After the Seattle court issued a temporary injunction, 3D pistol designer Wilson (Cody Wilson) stressed that he would continue to protest that the publication of the 3D pistol print drawing was guaranteed by the US Constitution and was part of the mass arms of the people. Prior to the release of the provisional injunction, Wilson had published the drawings online ahead of schedule. The Agence France-Presse said the test found that it was difficult to print a pistol on its own, but Wilson's website clearly announced the way to make at least 10 firearms. (overseas network Jiang Shu translation)

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