6 year old boy knocking on his neighbor's house in the early morning was suspected of cutting more than 20 Knives: disturb sleeping

6 year old boy knocking on his neighbor's house in the early morning was suspected of cutting more than 20 Knives: disturb sleeping

Original title: Funan 6 year old boy knocked on the neighbor's home in the early morning and was cut unconscious by more than 20 knives.

In early July 29th, 6 o'clock in the morning, Chen Chai, a 6 year old boy in the village of Zhao Wu Village, Tianji Town, Funan, was cut. According to the introduction, in the morning, when Lele went out to play, he knocked his neighbor Chen's house and was chopped more than 20 knives by kitchen knife. So far, Lele is still unconscious in the hospital intensive care unit.

Reporters learned from the Funan police that the suspect who had cut the boy had been detained by the Funan County Public Security Bureau.

An early morning knocking on a neighbor's door, a 6 year old boy was cut down

Lele's mother, Ms. Fang, told Xin'an Evening News, Anhui. com and Dawan client reporters that her husband went out to work and that she brought her children from her family. At 6 o'clock in the morning in July 29th, Lele got up and went out to play. She followed. Lele ran fast and disappeared. Ms. Fang hurried around to look for it.

In the 50 meters away from the lady's house, there are two houses separated by two walls. Ms. Fang said that Lele originally knocked on the door to find someone to play with one of her neighbors. Lele came knocking at another neighbor from a wall.

According to Ms. Fang, when she was looking for music everywhere in the village, some villagers told her to hear the crying of the child, and she thought that the Lele had fallen into the ditch and hurried to find it. But when she found Le Le, he saw that he was covered with blood and his face was facing down. "I turned him over and cut his face with blood, wounded his arm, and broken his hamstring." Ms. Fang cried.

The boy was rushed to the hospital and is still unconscious.

Mrs. Fang looked at the sad and unhappy music after her injury. Villagers nearby also rushed to check the situation, dialed 110 and 120, and Lele was rushed to the hospital.

Reporters learned from the hospital, after diagnosis, Lele body knife wounds, mandibular fractures, head injuries, and shock.

"Now my brother's body, the face wound has been sewn, but the wrist bone broken, and later to do rehabilitation treatment, otherwise the arms and hands are not used later." Lele's sister, Ms. Shaw, choked, said that at present, Lele was in a coma in the intensive care unit of the hospital. It was still not in danger of life, and the hospital had also issued a letter of danger.

In the interview, the Lele family told reporters that their family had never had a festival with their neighbour, Chen Mou-su, who hacked Lele, and wondered why he was so cruel. "He lived alone, and went to the village. Sometimes I'll go shopping in my mom's shop. " Ms. Xiao said that the family had never quarrelled with Chen.

The suspect has been arrested and the case is being investigated.

"Both of them are honest people and have no quarrel. He lived alone at the age of more than 30 and was not married yet. Yesterday, a village cadre told reporters that the injured boy Chen in his 20s working in Shanghai had been hit by a gas tank explosion, was wounded in the face.

"The first night of the incident, he drank some wine. The child was naughty for second days, knocking his house. He felt that he had disturbed his sleep and had cut the child with a knife. The village cadre said that the boy's family life is more difficult, after this incident, the town government and the village sent people to the hospital to visit the children.

Yesterday, the Funan County Public Security Bureau issued a police report from the official micro-blog, at 6:20 in July 29th, Funan police answered the police, a boy was cut down in Tian Ji Town, Funan county. After receiving the police, Tian Ji police station rushed to the scene to investigate. After investigation, the boy (6 years old) suffered multiple injuries to his body and face and was sent to hospital for treatment. His neighbor Chen (male, 34 years old) has a serious crime suspect. After controlling the suspect, the police found bloodstains in their homes. After examination, the suspect Chen confessed to the facts of the crime. At present, the suspect Chen has been detained by the Funan County Public Security Bureau according to law. The case is being further investigated.

Reporter's note

5 years ago, when Lele's father was hit by a traffic accident, the family changed dramatically. Now, Lele has suffered a sudden injury, making the already difficult family even worse.

Now, the wound on the face and body of Le Le has been sutured, but the wound in his family is still hard to heal. Lele is not yet out of danger, and is still unconscious. Families are worried not only about when he will wake up and be cured, but also about how the costs of follow-up medical treatment and rehabilitation can be met.

Lele's mother told reporters that now has paid over 60 thousand yuan of medical expenses, and later do not know how much it will cost. Thinking of children who had not opened their eyes in bed, they could not afford to give up. They ran around all day and borrowed all the money they could borrow.

If you are willing to help Lele, please call 962000 to contact our correspondent, or to remit the money to 621550841420000056 (account name: Xiao Nannan; the opening bank: the Rural Commercial Bank of Funan rural credit cooperatives in Anhui). I hope that people in love can lend a helping hand to help Lele recover at an early date. (Wang Xue, Zhu Liping trainee reporter Gan Jie reporter Zhong Hong)

Source: Anhui network

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