The DPP iron ticket storehouse was reversed by the Kuomintang? The county or city in power for 20 years will be lost

The DPP iron ticket storehouse was reversed by the Kuomintang? The county or city in power for 20 years will be lost

Original title: DPP's iron ticket warehouse is turning against the Kuomintang? The county or city in power for 20 years will be lost

Overseas network, August 1, the end of this year, the Taiwan region immediately to conduct local public officials election (also called "nine in one" election), in addition to Taipei and Taichung attractive, the election of the Kaohsiung city in the Kuomintang elected people, Han Guo Yu strong join, the election shows a complicated situation. According to the latest poll, DPP candidate Chen Qimai has 34.23% support, Korean Yo 39.11%, and Korean Yo slightly outperforms Chen Qimai 4.88%. This means that the so-called "DPP" iron ticket area of Kaohsiung may change from "green space" to "blue sky".

According to the China times, a network poll conducted by today's big news in June 28th for the citizens of Kaohsiung shows that Chen Qimai is 34.23%, Han Guoyu is 39.11%, and Han Guoyu is slightly more than Chen Mai 4.88%. This shows that the two people present the 55 opening situation in Kaohsiung, and the Kuomintang has the chance to win the DPP's iron ticket area.

"Today's big news" further points out that the Democratic Progressive Party has long been in power in Kaohsiung for nearly 20 years, but after Han Guoyu turned to Kaohsiung, the situation has changed steeply, and Han Guoyu has brought out the momentum of the Kuomintang in Kaohsiung.

According to the earlier reports from the Taiwan media, Han Guoyu made a statement in the election of the president of the Kuomintang last year. He was opposed to "Taiwan independence". If he was elected chairman of the party, he would unite all parties against "Taiwan independence" and said that Taiwan must be rich and strong with the mainland, and Kangle will be able to develop in the future. In July this year, Han Guoyu wrote on the Internet media that he wanted Kaohsiung to be the leader of southern Taiwan and to strengthen cooperation with the southern provinces of the mainland of China.

The relevant information shows that the mayor of Kaohsiung has long been controlled by the Democratic Progressive Party. Since Mr Xie was elected mayor of Kaohsiung in 1998, it has not been replaced by political parties for 20 years, all of which are in power by the Democratic Progressive Party. If we re calculate the former Kaohsiung county which was incorporated into Kaohsiung, the green ruling time can be further pushed forward to 1985, so far it has been more than 30 years.

What has been done by the DPP in Kaohsiung in the past 20 years? According to the report of the Taiwan United newspaper, Kaohsiung is the second largest city in the past, and heavy industry is a heavy industry. But today, it has fallen to the three or four place of the "six capital", regardless of the population growth, per capita income, economic development and urban debt. Kaohsiung, once the world's third largest container port, has been a proud port for Taiwanese in the past two decades and has been retreating to more than a dozen. This may be an important reason for the reversal of the poll.

(overseas network / Wang Mengtang)

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