Cadres of the Shaanxi one social Bureau ignored the rules of walking dogs and injuring cleaners.

Cadres of the Shaanxi one social Bureau ignored the rules of walking dogs and injuring cleaners.

Original title: do not listen to dissuade the square walking dog health, one person, social Bureau cadres hurt the cleaning staff

"Ping Li County Public Office Square walking dogs do not accept management, and also injure cleaners." In July 28th, there was a net friend in Baidu Ping Li and Ankang. In the evening of July 27th, in the southeastern corner of Nu Wa square in Ping Li County, a public officer disregarded the rule of walking the dog in the square. The square cleaner took up the broom and drove the dog immediately after the negotiation. The public official saw and did not leave his love dog after seeing it. The cleaning staff made a big hit, resulting in multiple facial injuries and multiple soft tissue injuries. The netizen also uploaded the photos of the scene surveillance video and the cleaners' injuries. It is understood that this public officer is a cadre of the Bureau of human resources and social affairs in Ping Li county.

Public servants beat the cleaners for walking their dogs

In the monitoring video uploaded by the reporters of the San Qin metropolis, at 21:40 on July 27th, two men were sitting in the southeast corner of the square, sitting in a cool chat, there was a puppy at the foot of the square. At 21:45, the square cleaner in the black T-shirt negotiated with one of the white T-shirts, and the white T-shirt was driven by a broom after no fruit. The man rushed to swing the garbage shovel and was ready to hit the man, and was dissuaded by another old white man, but the white T - shirt man got out of his hand, swung his fist into the black T - shirt square and the cleaning man's face, and the two sides clashed to the sidewalk from the square. At 21:50, the two sides were persuaded, the black T-shirt square is guaranteed. The man returned to the square, but was sent back to the place by a pink T - shirt and young man who came back in a hurry. At this time, the video showed that the pink T - shirt and the white t-shirt men and the white t-shirt men were kicks on the ground of the black T-shirt square with their feet. There were a number of crowds on the spot to dissuade. At 21:55, the police arrived and took the white. T - shirt men and pink T - shirts and young men. In July 29th, 17, Ping Li County Commission on the government of Ping Li County issued the "information on the problems related to the staff beating the square on the Internet". The government attaches great importance to it and has led the establishment of a joint investigation team by the County Commission for Discipline Inspection. It is now under investigation.

The square cleaner drives the dog to be a normal duty

In the afternoon of July 30th, the reporter found a cadre in the bulletin board of the Bureau of human resources and social security in Ping Li County, whose post was the deputy director of the treatment Office of pneumoconiosis. "Kam was a deputy party member cadre. He was transferred to the Discipline Inspection Committee of the county earlier this year." Ping Li county human resources and social security bureau director of the office informed.

According to the telephone contact published on the bulletin board, Kun said he was injured in the head of the conflict and was taking a needle treatment in the hospital. It was inconvenient to meet and rejected the request for the interview.

According to a person in charge of Pingli County Public Security Bureau, Nuwa Square in Pingli County is forbidden to bring pet dogs into the square, the square cleaners drive dogs is in normal performance. "After preliminary investigation, also involved in the assault of Ko's son, is an advertising company self-employed, the case is currently under investigation and evidence collection." The person in charge said.

Chen Xunli, group leader of the joint investigation team of Ping Li County, July 31st, said, "eight hours' and so on Party members and cadres are both within and outside the jurisdiction of the Commission. At present, we are investigating, and will be dealt with after the investigation and management of the police, and according to the results of the investigation and the management of Party members and cadres. Publish it to the society. " Newspaper reporter Wu Chen

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