Jane's: China's 052D improved warship is lengthened or loaded 20 straight behind the water.

Jane's: China's 052D improved warship is lengthened or loaded 20 straight behind the water.

[observer network comprehensive reports] the Chinese Navy launched an improved 052D destroyer at the Jiangnan Shipyard in the early July, with a lengthened helicopter landing deck, according to the Jane's Defence Weekly website in July 31st.

The lengthened 052D (left side) compares with other 052D (two sides on the right side), the helicopter landing deck is obviously lengthened.

The Jiangnan Shipyard photo taken from the passenger plane shows that the lengthened 052D is located on the right side of the photo.

According to satellite photos taken on July 16, China's 14th class 052D destroyer has floated on the outfitting platform of the Jiangnan Shipyard. Satellite photographs showed the ship had lengthened the helicopter take-off and landing decks, so it was four metres longer than the other 052Ds, and there was no apparent change in other aspects.

The US Navy's "Haiying" helicopter interacts with the "Harbin" ship.

Jane's judgment is that the enlargement of the landing deck is probably for the purpose of using a carrier based direct -20 helicopter on the ship. The Zhi-20 is China's newest domestic general-purpose helicopter and is expected to replace the Zhi-9 and Ka-28 helicopters widely deployed on Chinese naval destroyers and frigates. But the size of the straight -20 is larger than that of these helicopters, so a larger landing deck is needed.

Zhi-20 is expected to become a new generation of carrier-based helicopter in our army, but the performance of the helicopter will be improved, and the requirements for the take-off and landing capability of the frigate will also be improved.

In the satellite images, with the 052D destroyer, there were 055 major destroyers, two, and 3 other 052D destroyers and 10 type of air cushion landing craft, launched in April this year.

Panoramic view of the outfitting area of the Jiangnan Shipyard

The observer network military commentator said the 052D's lengthened deck may be similar to the "Perry" class "long ship", which has lengthened the upper deck and turned the tail into a trapezoid without changing the underwater line. This improvement has little effect on navigation performance, saves design time, and is easy to modify other 052D.

The improvement of Perry's "long ship shape"

Effect picture of 052D extended destroyer (picture source: Yankee check station)

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