My daughter cried and was raped by netizens. Her father stabbed him to death with a knife.

My daughter cried and was raped by netizens. Her father stabbed him to death with a knife.

Original title: Video daughter crying, she was raped by netizens and her father stabbed him to death with a knife.

Because of the suspicion that the daughter was bullied by the netizen, he went to the theory and did not expect to rise from the dispute to the body conflict. Finally, the father had stabbed his daughter's male net friend with a knife, causing death. At present, Meng has been arrested for intentional injury and death.

At 16 o'clock on July 7, 2018, the Criminal Police Brigade of Sanyuan County Public Security Bureau of Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, took over the police station at Chengguan, saying that a man in a hotel in the county town was stabbed.

The hotel surveillance video showed that two men were tearing in. During the dispute, a middle-aged man had a weapon stabbed at the hip of a young man in his right hand, and the injured man fell to the ground, but not long enough to stand up. Phone.

According to the police, the middle-aged man, Mencius, was 47 years old this year, when he went to the hotel to find his daughter, and the young man who was stabbed was a net friend of his daughter.

The night before the case, the criminal suspect Mencia had a dispute with her daughter, and her daughter contacted her Xi'an friend Wei Wei, ready to go to Xi'an to find a job.

Because it was late at that time, Meng's daughter and male friend were staying in a hotel in Sanyuan county. On the second day, two people quarrelled, so the boy friend called Meng. "At that time, he said," who is going to bully my daughter? " The suspect, Meng Mou, said he immediately rushed to the hotel after receiving the call. "Since I ran a black car, I had brought a knife with me for seven or eight years."

When Mencius arrived at the hotel, the daughter and the net friend Wei, two people were in peace, were ready to take her daughter away, but the daughter suddenly said a few words but lit Mencius' anger again. "I said you didn't do it." I said, "she said dad couldn't ask him to leave. She said she was raped last night, and I shivered when I heard it."

So there was a beginning. According to the police, Wei, a netizen in Changan District, Xi'an, is 24 years old. He died seven days after he was sent to the hospital.

The police have extracted relevant samples for the rape of Meng's daughter. At present, the relevant cases are being further investigated.

Source: Shaanxi news

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