India LCA fighter progress is stagnant. Orders ten years ago have not yet been completed.

India LCA fighter progress is stagnant. Orders ten years ago have not yet been completed.

In view of the declining combat effectiveness of the Indian Air Force, the federal government is taking a number of measures to speed up the production of the indigenous light fighter Tejas.

Affected by repeated delays, the Tejas maker's Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), the Tejas maker, aims to get the full operational capability of LCA fighters (FOC) to have combat value before the end of 2018. In 2016, IAF requested 42 minor and major modifications to the aircraft, but no response has been received from the developers.

LCA Tejas, a single - seat, single engine multipurpose light fighter, developed by HAL for more than thirty years, claims that nearly 60% of this light fighter is produced by local enterprises.

India's defense minister Subhash Bhamre has told the parliament that a number of measures are being taken to speed up the production of LCA Tejas and achieve the FOC provided by the ADA (ADA). He said the government has approved an additional 8 aircraft production capacity each year, making the annual output of 16 fighters, with a total value of about 168 billion 100 million rupees, and set up second production lines for the HAL aircraft production department. Other steps to start fast track LCA Tejas production include increasing the number of pre, middle, rear fuselage and wing fixtures, reducing manufacturing cycle time by improving supply chain management, learning and increasing manpower and modular construction capabilities, which are designed to reduce the cycle time of the aircraft.

The India Parliament was informed that IAF and India Stan aviation limited Hindustan Aeronautics Limited signed two contracts. The first was to complete the procurement of 20 LCA fighters with initial operational capability (IOC) standards from March 31, 2006 to December 2011, and the second contracts were signed in 2010 to produce 20 final combat capabilities ( FOC) standard LCA fighters and delivered in 12 2016.

However, the two deadline has been postponed. Of the first purchase orders for a total of 20 fighters (16 fighters and 4 training aircraft), HAL has so far delivered only nine fighters to IAF. The production of the remaining 11 IOC aircraft (seven fighters and four trainers) is being carried out in HAL. The aircraft can now carry out air defense operations, and can use heavy bombs for conventional ground attack. And second orders are not produced in one.

India's Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) is planning to produce 20 FOC LCA aircraft after the LCA's FOC standards are met, with the current target of December 2018.

As a result, India HAL will produce a total of two previous contracts with a total of 40 aircraft (20 IOC and 20 FOC), and the India National Defense Procurement Committee (DAC) has once again purchased 83 LCA Mk1A Tejas aircraft for IAF, and has been quoted by HAL. (Note: however, the article does not specify whether the 83 new purchases include the previous two contracts, a total of 40 LCA).

In addition, in order to strengthen the fighter squadron, the Indian government also plans to build fighters through a strategic partnership model.

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