Chongqing's theme of intelligent development: traditional industries are new

Chongqing's theme of intelligent development: traditional industries are new

Original title: [Chongqing intelligent development theme song] "butterfly flower" chapter: big data intelligence helps traditional industries shine

Chongqing is an important manufacturing base in the western region, and intellectualization can make the traditional manufacturing industry excite great vitality. At present, Chongqing is energetically implementing the strategic plan of innovation driven development strategy guided by large data and intelligence, and holding the intellectual Fair will be an important measure to promote the development of large data intelligence in Chongqing.

Focusing on the intelligence Expo, we are more concerned about the industrial development behind this high specification International Exhibition. Chongqing traditional industry how to seize the opportunity to "break the problem", Chongqing "black science and technology" how to achieve a curve overtaking, Chongqing and how to attract industry giants to full bloom?

Hualong network launched a series of reports on "the theme song of Chongqing's intelligent development". Today, the first "butterfly love flower" is introduced: "big data intelligence add power to the traditional industry".

The pace of Chongqing's transformation is accelerating.

When the "old bottle" of traditional industry, full of big data, intelligent "new wine", a new vitality and charm, is radiating.

Build intelligent production line, Chongqing motorcycle enterprises build cars for BMW

In July 31st, in the BMW factory production workshop of LONCIN, an old motorcycle enterprise, an engine assembly line was selected by a staff member on the engine assembly line. The matching bearing bush is produced, and the whole process takes only ten seconds.

Before that, similar processes need manual matching, usually taking more than ten minutes.

Intelligent improvement is not only about efficiency, but also the accuracy of products. Li Jun, the deputy general manager of LONCIN general BMW project, told reporters that, in the past, through artificial selection, even the old employees with high proficiency are unavoidable to make mistakes. Intelligent manufacturing ensures the quality of the products.

LONCIN has been working with BMW to produce 650CC engine project in 2005, and with this opportunity, it has carried out a series of upgrades, including the brand new intelligent production line, and the upgrading of the quality system. The cooperation field with BMW also developed from the single cylinder engine to the dual cylinder engine, from the engine production to the whole vehicle. Production.

A lot of "black technology" is particularly eye-catching in the Jin Kang automobile intelligent factory located in the fish complex industrial park. At the scene, the reporter saw that the welding, gumming, rolling edge, transportation between the workplaces and large pieces of material are all realized by robot. The automation rate of welding and coating is 100%. In this way, the controllability of the production process is improved, and the manual intervention of the production line is also reduced.

"In addition to simple logistics, cleaning, in the production line, basically can not see workers." Yang Beichuan, deputy general manager of Chongqing Jin Kang New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., introduced that the intelligent factory is on the basis of the digital chemical plant, using the Internet of things technology and monitoring technology to strengthen the information management service, set up the initial intelligent means and intelligent system and other emerging technologies to build efficient, energy-saving, green, environmental and comfortable people. Sex chemical plant.

It is understood that Jin Kang automobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chongqing traditional car enterprise Xiaokang group, the stamping, welding, coating, assembly of the Jin Kang factory, and the battery PACK and charge detection workshop robot about 800 units to achieve high automation. The project is expected to be completed in August 30, 2018 and has trial production conditions. After the completion of the production capacity of 50 thousand vehicles / year.

Robot building is only one aspect of the intelligent production of Chongqing's traditional car companies.

Digging big data, independently developing automobile safety technology, breaking foreign monopoly

The deep excavation of big data has made Chongqing's automobile safety system break the monopoly of foreign technology.

Recently, the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Award in 2017, the award of the award (individual, enterprise) 144 items, Chongqing Changan automobile Limited by Share Ltd and the Tsinghua University and other cooperation research results "based on the electronic stability control system based automotive advanced active safety technology and its large-scale model application", obtained the Chongqing City The first prize in scientific and technological progress in science and technology awards.

What is the significance of this award?

According to the State Health Planning Commission, there are about 500 thousand traffic accidents in China each year, and the death toll exceeds 100 thousand. The electronic stability control system (ESC) is the core technology of automobile active safety control, which can reduce 30% traffic accidents, but the technology has been monopolized by Bosch and other enterprises in Germany, which has led to the slow improvement of the safety grade of automobile collision in China, and has long restricted the promotion of the active safety of military vehicles in our country. Therefore, it has become a strategic task for China's automotive industry to develop independent ESC, intelligent safety electronic control components based on ESC and vehicle application technology.

According to Yang Cai, one of the heads of the project, with the support of the national and enterprise projects, their project team has developed a ESC system and a variety of ESC based intelligent security control systems for 13 years, forming a series of auto active safety control components based on ESC, which makes China the first time to have ESC and related intelligent security systems. Complete independent intellectual property rights. And the on-line detection technology of ESC product fault diagnosis and production process is developed, and the automobile active safety product defect database covering the whole country is formed, and the large data depth mining technology is applied to establish the supervision system of automobile active safety product defect, which has become an important technical means for the defect supervision and recall of automobile products in our country.

"Its important significance is to break the monopoly of foreign countries, so that we are no longer controlled by the core technology." At present, the project has developed 6 kinds of automotive intelligent safety products, such as ESC system, to realize the large-scale application and mass export of the autonomous vehicle active safety control system in China.

At present, the result has realized its large-scale industrial application, with a total of more than 30 models of equipment, more than 2 million vehicles, more than 3 billion yuan in direct economic benefit and more than 360 million yuan in profit.

In addition, the project technology is applied to the defect supervision of the automobile brake system of the State Quality Inspection Administration (AQSIQ), and the recall of the defective products of the auto active safety system for 67 domestic and foreign automobile enterprises has been successfully launched, involving 244 types of vehicles and the total amount of 2 million 733 thousand vehicles, ensuring the safety and consumer rights of our country. The application of project results has achieved significant economic and social benefits.

Promoting the development of industry to high quality through the combination of industry, education and research

According to the person in charge of the Commission, the problem of imbalanced development in the development of Chongqing's manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly apparent in the context of our country's economy has shifted from high speed to high quality development stage.

If the product structure of the automobile industry is unreasonable, the number of cars under 100 thousand yuan is 70%, the main model is aging and the new type of support type is too few. The "short board" is more obvious in the key supporting links of automobile electronics and new energy vehicles "three electricity".

In addition, with the continuous high intensity investment in automobile, panel and other fields in recent years, the relationship between supply and demand of the market has changed, the growth of traditional fuel vehicle has slowed down, which has further aggravated the downward pressure of the automobile industry in our city.

Therefore, R & D of intelligent network has become the strategic positioning and urgent task of Chongqing's automobile economic transformation and upgrading.

Although transformation is difficult, Chongqing still has its own advantages.

In the view of Yi Xiaoguang, President of the Chongqing Comprehensive Economic Research Institute, the traditional manufacturing base of Chongqing is the "wealth" that history has left for large data intelligentization, and is the broad market space and development space for the intelligent application of large data. "Chongqing should make use of these important resources to upgrade and upgrade traditional industries and give full play to the advantages of new and old integration." Yi Xiaoguang said.

Zhang Xiaohong, vice president of the College of great data and software of Chongqing University, said that more than 50 colleges and universities in Chongqing are carrying out teaching and scientific research activities related to intelligent industry, with more than 100 homes, and more than 200 enterprises with intelligent manufacturing scale. This is a technology in the fields of large data, intelligent network cars, intelligent robots and other fields. There are great advantages in technological innovation and industrial cultivation.

For example, research institutions, such as China Auto Research Institute, Chongqing University, Chongqing Jiaotong University, and other institutions of higher learning attract a large number of IT information talents at home and abroad, and have accumulated a good research foundation in the key perception technology, control technology and test evaluation technology of the intelligent network, which is in the leading or domestic first-class level in the country.

In the industry, the Changan as the leader, SAIC general Wuling, Dongfeng Xiaokang, Beiqi silver Xiang, Lifan automobile, Qingling car, Hengtong bus and other 12 vehicle enterprises as the backbone, gathered thousands of supporting enterprises.

Through the combination of "production, learning and research", the cooperation and integration of scientific research, education and production of different social division of labor in function and resource advantages can realize the docking and coupling of technological innovation, middle and lower reaches.

It's not just a car.

Zhang Xiaohong introduced, since the national implementation of the pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing demonstration special action, our city has successively undertaken the national manufacturing information and numerical control first generation technology support demonstration project, Chongqing machine tool group, Changan group and other more than 20 enterprises have undertaken more than 30 items of national intelligent manufacturing items. The Municipal Science and technology plan, relying on the core enterprises of China Ship Heavy Industry and saisdi, has broken through many key technologies of Intelligent Manufacturing in machinery, automobile, electronics, metallurgy and other industries. It has developed a new type of high-end intelligent manufacturing products, such as high-grade CNC machine tools, intelligent inspection and assembly equipment, and the related technologies and products have obtained the national invention special. More than 50 profit margins, the annual added value of scientific and technological innovation exceeds 50 billion yuan.

By popularizing the information technology of manufacturing industry, more than 100 enterprises in our city have improved the level of manufacturing intelligentization, the cycle of the new product development of the motorcycle industry is shortened by 6 months, the product stock is reduced by 20-30%, and the contribution rate of the new product is over 35%. Chongqing has become a demonstration base for manufacturing informatization approved by the Ministry of science and technology.

In order to accelerate the cultivation of the new economic growth point, Chongqing is based on the industrial basis, focusing on two kinds of resources in the two international and domestic markets, clinging to the global new round of scientific and technological revolution and the trend of industrial transformation, and strengthening the development of strategic emerging industries and intelligent industries, focusing on the construction of intelligent industry. The advanced manufacturing system with the core of strategic emerging industries. According to the data, in 2017, through the implementation of a large number of major technical transformation projects, such as intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing in Chongqing, the profit margin of the main business income and total labor productivity of the city's large-scale industrial enterprises were raised to 7%, 325 thousand yuan per year, respectively, from 6.7%, 297 thousand yuan per year in 2015.

"Chongqing promotes the development direction of high-quality industry precise, effective measures, remarkable results, enthusiastic response, and will continue to promote unremittingly in depth in the future." The person in charge said.

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