Hu Haifeng condolences to officers and soldiers in Lishui, Zhejiang: when they are good, they must listen to the leader of the party.

Hu Haifeng condolences to officers and soldiers in Lishui, Zhejiang: when they are good, they must listen to the leader of the party.

Original title: talk about the army and the people, fish and water, together with a group of four leaders in the military area.

On the occasion of the arrival of the August 1st army Festival, the city leaders of the four leading groups, Hu Haifeng, Wu Xiaodong, Yu Hong Ming and Chen Ruishang, visited the officers and soldiers of the PLA troops and the police officers of the police, and gave them holiday blessings and cordial greetings and thanked them for their contribution to the economic and social development of Lishui. During the visit, the city leaders and the army officers and soldiers had a cordial discussion and exchanges, smooth narrative of the deep feelings of the army and civilians, and talked about the integration of military and civilian development.

In July 27th, the party secretary Hu Haifeng and the city leadership Wei Zhong, Fan Jinhua, Du Xinglin, Chen Jianbo, Lin Kang, and Zhu Shan Hua came to the Lishui Army division and the Lishui detachment of armed police, visiting the army and the soldiers to send their sincere greetings to the people. Hu Haifeng said that all the time, the Army division and the armed police Lishui detachment of all the officers and soldiers took root to dedicate Lishui, and played an irreplaceable and irreplaceable role in carrying out the urgent and dangerous task and supporting the economic and social development of Lishui, and made important contributions. On behalf of the four municipal teams, Hu Haifeng expressed heartfelt thanks and respect to all the officers and men of the Li army. He hoped that the Army division and the armed police force of the Lishui detachment of the armed police force should take the command of the new era Party's strong army objectives, strengthen the party's armed forces, adhere to the political establishment, and be a good man to listen to the party's command; continue to play the fine traditions of the army, deepen national defense education, strengthen national defense mobilization and reserve force construction, consolidate and develop military and political affairs. In order to support the economic and social progress of Lishui, we will carry the red flag, take the pioneer, the head and the table, and make the way out of the deep integration and development of the military and the people with the characteristics of Lishui.

On July 31, Wu Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor of the city, and city leaders, Du Xinglin and Zhu Jikun visited a certain branch in Limousin. Wu Xiaodong, on behalf of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the people of Lishui, paid their holiday greetings and lofty respects to the officers and soldiers, and expressed their gratitude to the troops for their contributions to the economic and social development of Lishui. He said that Lishui's economic and social development can not be separated from the care and support of the troops stationed in the Li, and you have kept quiet, selfless dedication, guarded the peace of the party, and displayed the responsibilities of the military in the faithfulness of the mission. It is hoped that the troop will further strengthen its own construction, promote the construction of the troops, and further strengthen the connection with the local people, and support the local work as always, and actively promote the integration and development of the army and the people. Municipal Party committees and municipal governments will, as always, care for and support the modernization of the armed forces and further consolidate the dynamic situation of the development of unity between the military, government, the army and the people.   

In July 30th, the director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Yu Hong Ming, and the city leaders Ge Xuebin, Fang Jianzhong, Wang Xiaorong, and the brave, came to the city fire brigade to visit their condolences and greeted the festival. After hearing a report on the work of the fire brigade in the first half of this year, Yu Hong said that when the army day of the August 1 army was coming, greetings, respects and thanks were given to the fire officers and soldiers. In recent years, the work of the fire brigade has been fruitful and the rescue ability has been steadily improved, and has provided a strong support for the local rescue and rescue work. It is hoped that all the officers and men will continue to carry forward the fine traditions, strengthen the construction of the army and make greater contributions to the green development and social stability of Lishui.


On July 31, the chairman of the CPPCC, Chen Ruizhang, visited a department in Lizhou with Ren Shunu, Du Guangzhang and Lu Cailiu. Chen Ruishang said, thank you for his contribution to the economic and social development of Lishui, and hope that you will adhere to the political army, listen to the party command the soul of the army, ensure absolute loyalty, absolute purity and absolute reliability; adhere to the quality of the army, strengthen the individual fighting capacity, build a cooperative linkage system, and effectively improve the military war. The government should continue to support the development of Lishui, and continue to consolidate and develop the good situation of military and civil solidarity.

Source: Lishui daily, fingertip Lishui

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