Holiday is still recruiting media: the problem of "teacher shortage" can not be ignored.

Holiday is still recruiting media: the problem of

Original title: immediately comment on summer vacation is still recruiting teachers, "teacher shortage" behind the real problem can not be ignored.

Recently, an article entitled "why does the provincial capital Hangzhou lack teachers? Is there no point in the heart of the society? The article is widely circulated in the circle of friends.  

A large number of teachers are still being recruited during the summer vacation. The principals of Jianggan District in Hangzhou say this is a new situation in the past two years, mainly because of the lack of teachers. In addition to the newly admitted students who put dove in school, the number of teachers leaving is also an important reason.  

Surprisingly, one side of the teacher is not good, on the other side of the recruitment also clearly indicated that to improve the threshold, in addition to a school to recruit a job in the compilation of teachers, the rest are only a graduate student. The reason for this is probably to show the attitude of indifference and to make parents feel that their teachers are guaranteed. In connection with the recent controversy over the recruitment of postgraduates at a monthly salary of 2,500 yuan in Shenmu City, Shaanxi Province, many people accused Jianggan District of playing the "Buddhist recruitment" routine.  

Postgraduate threshold in Jianggan District is certainly questionable, but it is not the key to the problem. Most of the other districts in Hangzhou are required to be "graduate students, excellent graduates, in-service teachers" one of three. Whether recruitment is Buddhism or pragmatism, lack of teachers is a real problem.  

In fact, Hangzhou's "teacher shortage" is not available this year. Last year, Qianjiang Evening News published a report on the resignation of teachers in Hangzhou. Before the summer vacation in a certain urban district of Hangzhou, the phenomenon of the resignation of teachers in the district showed that there were 38 teachers who resigned in 2014, 36 in 2015 and 60 in 2016. Although not seriously affecting the stability of the teaching staff, but in just three years, the number and the number of resignations are worrying.

The reason for this is the question of treatment, of course. Especially for the young male teachers who come to Hangzhou and home, it may be possible to maintain the basic survival of the young male teachers, but it is difficult to consider the problems of future development, such as buying a house, marriage, born children and raising a family. In some people's opinion, it is better to stay in Hangzhou as a teacher than to go back home or to a private school or training institution that offers high salaries.  

But more than the pay is too low, the phenomenon of "teacher shortage" in Hangzhou also reflects the alienation of the present education ecology, which is not a problem that can be solved only by money.  

The hard work of teacher's profession has been increasingly recognized by the public, but most people think that only the high school teachers who bear the pressure of raising the school are tired, but they do not know that the pressure of the primary school teachers often exceeds the people's imagination.  

A primary school teacher who has been in the job for more than one year admits that "every day is like a war". "There is too much work in school. We should take part in various activities, such as opening ceremony, sports meeting, teaching Festival, quality display, and all kinds of materials, such as teaching cases, papers, essays, and supervision in the District, and supervision of classroom efficiency. ... " "In the first semester, I didn't go to the office before 10 p.m. and I seldom had weekends. I was afraid of any kind of accident and I was under great pressure. The first semester after the physical examination, it found out the mammary gland hyperplasia, pharynx, stomach problems. Because of the pressure, she had thought of resigning.  

In addition to completing basic teaching tasks and dealing with various chores, primary school teachers often have to "fight wits and bravery" with their parents. The teachers feel bound and stressed by the difference of educational ideas and standpoints. Light needs communication and interpretation, and the stress leads to conflict. Once the "strong" parents who often report complaints, teachers are more pressure mountain and even the dignity of the teachers is difficult to maintain. Under stress, the physical and mental health of teachers is worrying.

Material shortage and spiritual pressure may not be difficult to understand in Hangzhou's "teacher shortage" phenomenon. It is regrettable that the community still does not pay enough attention to the basic needs of teachers and their physical and mental health. On call, unconditionally, hard work and full of fighting spirit...... Many teachers seem to be Superman and perfect man. As everyone knows, those who do not seem to be ill are already badly bruised.

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