Our ace snipers can extinguish candles through glass, and candles remain intact.

Our ace snipers can extinguish candles through glass, and candles remain intact.

In August 1st, it was the anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. It coincided with the reform and opening up of 40th anniversary. The people's army came all the way in the tide of reform. It has become an important force of peace in the world. The refined and dry soldiers have different lives in different subjects: a hundred and hundreds of gunmen, cross-country drifters, investigators with eye to eye, and a special soldier of one sword. CCTV news has launched a series of micro videos to see the Chinese Army play the trump card.

A hostage rescue exercise in Helan was strained. Several "terrorists" tied up with explosive devices broke into an abandoned factory, holding "hostages" occupying three floors of a room and clamoring to blow up the building. The seventy-sixth brigade brigade of special operations in the Western Theater has been ordered to attack quickly. According to the return message, the attack can not guarantee the safety of hostages. After careful consideration, the captain decided to be sniper Chen Ming by sniper.

Chen Ming joined the army in 2000. He is now the vice captain of the seventy-sixth brigade of the special operations. He is proficient in all kinds of special combat skills. In particular, he is good at sniping, and has the title of "Sniper War God". After joining the army for 18 years, the individual has successively gained two equal merit 1 times and three times 5 times.

Figure / Chen Ming, known as "gun king in the army" by his comrades in arms

Chen Ming: Report captain, a terrorist hostage was found hiding behind the window in the right room on the third floor of the factory building. Did he kill?

Captain: the sniper is ready, 3? 2? 1, shooting!

In the end, Chen Mingyi shot and killed the enemy again, proving again that the title of "Sniper War God" is not a false name. Each assault team quickly entered the building to complete the task of cleaning up and quickly withdrew from the scene by cable.

Chart / Chen Ming provides squad support for the squad during the exercise and completes the hunting mission.

The target shooting after glass is a new subject of sniper training. It is also often encountered in actual combat. The terrorists may be hidden in a corner of the room. The sniper must have the ability to shoot the target through the glass, and it needs to minimize the damage to the hostage by the glass slag.

In order to practice this subject, Chen Ming found candles behind the glass, simulated the actual combat scenes, and repeated training.

Chen Ming: the candle behind the glass has its flare. There are two or even three flames from the glass. The equivalent of terrorists holding hostages appeared three heads. Which is that you want to shoot? The flames are constantly moving, and if not one shot is killed, terrorists are likely to shoot and kill hostages, causing the mission to fail.

Figure / Chen Ming extinguish the flame on the candle through the glass.

After a long period of training, Chen Ming could blow out the flame on the candle through glass, but the candle was not damaged. If you want to practice this stunt, the sniper's observation ability, breathing adjustment, and even the trigger hit, must be fairly rigorous training.

Chen Ming: For example, we sniper usually take a needle, look at the eye of the needle, stare at it all the time, sometimes for half an hour. For a long time, now I see the needle eye, bigger than others. At normal time, when I was training myself, after the 100 meter sprint came back, the number of heartbeat reached 170, the heartbeat of the person's breathing was very rapid, the rapid process and the rapid penetration of the needle, in a minute to wear ten needles. Through such training requirements, we must calm our breathing.

Figure / Chen Ming for needling training

Special operations seventy-sixth brigade sniper assistant Xu Xihui: to improve the sensitivity of the index finger to pull the trigger, the Chen Ming monitor will require us to throw a number of good rice grains into the grass, once again put out, and then count how many.

Because the range is far away, the sniper is especially sensitive to the shooting environment. If there is a slight change, we must adjust the aiming point, commonly known as "repair wind". This is also the only way for a sniper to reach the "realm of man and gun". In order to overcome this obstacle, Chen Ming put thousands of shooting parameters which can not be followed regularly, branded them firmly in his mind, and speculated them carefully in practice. In a few seconds, Chen Ming can determine the wind direction, the wind speed, the visual distance and the high and low angle, and get the correct correction value. The result is compared with the measuring instrument many times, and the error is close to zero.

Chart / Chen Ming judges the shooting environment to carry out "repair wind".

Every day, Chen Ming chooses several different positions for several different subjects to aim at several different positions, to improve the stability of bone support through a long time weight bearing gun, strengthen the muscle memory of the shooting movement, exercise the automatic response ability of the emergency, and the precision shooting level under the complex conditions. He not only knows how to shoot, but also deeply studies and grasps the shooting principle. With a bit of toughness, he gnawed down professional books such as "shooting science", "the ultimate sniper" and recorded 1200 sets of data and laid a solid foundation for the theory of shooting.

Chen Ming: I am a sniper for nearly 18 years. I have never felt regret. I think I am a sniper. I am very proud.

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