China's purchase of 130 thousand drugs in Japan has been arrested for 15 million 300 thousand cases.

China's purchase of 130 thousand drugs in Japan has been arrested for 15 million 300 thousand cases.

Original title: China's purchase of 130 thousand medicines in Japan has been arrested and the amount of money involved has reached 15 million 300 thousand yuan.

[observer network comprehensive reports] Japanese media reported in July 31st that a Chinese man living in Japan was arrested on the day by a police officer on suspicion of illegal possession of a large number of drugs.

And the reason why he hoarding goods is naturally for purchasing. Since 2016, his total sales volume is likely to reach 15 million 300 thousand yuan.

According to the 31 Japanese news report, the police of Hyogo county and the narcotics Supervision Department of the city of near Guinea, on the same day, arrested Zhang Haohao (34 years old) of the Chinese company employee of the SIASUN household in Chiba County of Song Dynasty, which was suspected of violating the medical equipment law.

As early as July 12th, they found that Zhang Hao Hao secretly hid 1080 tablets in the warehouse in Tokyo's Jianghu Sichuan area for the purpose of hoarding the goods before selling them.

After sealing up the warehouse, the police found out that there were 121 prescriptions, such as cold medicines, which were illegally stored in the warehouse, about 130 thousand pieces.

According to the police, Zhang Hao Hao has pleaded guilty. "The drug safety in Japan. The Chinese have demand and sell well, "he said.

He has been engaged in drug purchasing since 2016, and has received about 750 orders from other Chinese in 2 years. Preliminary estimate that his total sales volume or reached 250 million yen (about 15 million 300 thousand yuan).

As for the source of the drugs, the Drug Supervision Department of the Jilin Hou Sheng Bureau discovered in May that it was likely that the pharmacies in Hyogo County were supplying Zhang Haohao.

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