Korean Army Eagle helicopter due to the helicopter rotor crash accident follow-up orders or hacked.

Korean Army Eagle helicopter due to the helicopter rotor crash accident follow-up orders or hacked.

The U. S. defense news website reported on July 30th that following the crash last month, experts and industrial sources said that the follow-up orders for the Korean "Eagle" helicopter could be greatly affected.

In July 17th, a MUH-1 Marineon helicopter of the Korean Marine Corps (the naval type of the KUH-1 "Eagle" helicopter used by the Korean Army) crashed in a test flight at Pohang airport in the southeast port city of South Korea, killing 5 of the 6 soldiers on the aircraft. The video of the accident clearly showed that its main rotor was flying off, and then the helicopter crashed and immediately caught fire.

"Eagle" helicopter accident scene video can see the main rotor flying off.

After the crash, the helicopter caught fire and the wreckage was completely burnt black.

The helicopter was one of two helicopters received by the South Korean Marine Corps 6 months ago for the use of amphibious assault ships, and the South Korean Marine Corps was planned to buy 28 of the helicopters by 2023.

A military investigative committee, including Airbus Company experts, is investigating the causes of the accident, one of the Airbus Company's technical partners for the "Eagle" helicopter, which provided relevant design information and technology to the SA330 "Jaguar" helicopter to the South Korean Aviation Industry Corp. At the same time, some Korean experts also say that some parts of the helicopter may have defects, such as the main transmission system and the design of the main rotor folding mechanism for the Navy type specialized improvement.

South Korean experts said in an interview, the most serious problem in the accident is not the rotor off, but the plane fell immediately after the fire. "Fuel systems usually explode only when the plane crashes from a higher altitude. But the marine helicopter crashed at a height of only 10 meters and then caught fire immediately, which is not a normal phenomenon for me.

The Korean naval "Eagle" helicopter, in order to use the amphibious assault ship, added a rotor folding mechanism, which is considered to be part of the possibility of a design defect.

After the accident, the Korean army grounded 90 armies of "Eagle" helicopters. The Korean army originally planned to receive 150 helicopters in 2023. In addition, some civilian "Eagle" helicopters have been grounded, these helicopters are used by the police, forest security and search and rescue departments.

After the accident, some of South Korea's fire brigade and 119 search and rescue center, originally scheduled to buy "Eagle" helicopters, have begun to consider buying Italy AW189\139 or American Baer EPI helicopters.

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