Mexico crash 103 people all survived the plane did not disintegrate in case of gale fall.

Mexico crash 103 people all survived the plane did not disintegrate in case of gale fall.

Aug. 1, overseas network, local time on July 31 afternoon, Mexican Airlines an Above 190 aircraft took off soon after the crash. The governor of Durango, Mexico, said 103 people were adjusted for passengers and crew on board, after 2 minors were not included, and the official confirmed that all 103 were alive. During the incident, a storm caused the plane to stall and then the left side hit the ground.

According to The Associated Press, the chief executive of Mexico airlines, Conesa (Andres Conesa), held a news conference in the evening of 31 local time, saying that the maintenance of the aircraft was good and was not overhauled only in February this year, and the crew had a full rest.

Aars Plo (Jose Aispuro), Mexico's governor of Durango, said at a press conference that a storm hit shortly after the 190 takeoff of Mexico airways, causing the aircraft to stall, the left wing hit the ground, and both engines were all loosened under the impact. After the plane fell, it slid horizontally to a space around the airport, the body was basically complete, so that 103 passengers and crew were all escaped before the plane began to fire, and most of them went off the plane by themselves.

The governor said it was confirmed that 103 passengers and crew were all returned, 49 were sent to the hospital, 37 were lightly injured and the pilot was the most injured, but the situation was stable. The governor also said that the statistics showed that there were 97 passengers and 4 crew members on the machine, but 2 minors were not counted, so the number of people on the machine rose to 103.

Previously, the aircraft 31 afternoon at about 4 pm from the capital of Durango, Durango, Mexico, Mexico - Victoria Regional Airport, the original plan to fly to Mexico City. Officials and eyewitnesses were slightly divided. Some said the plane landed shortly after takeoff. Others said it rushed out of the runway before it was raised. But one thing is certain: the plane was trying to take off in the storm.

According to the aviation website "Planespotters" news, the shelf Anbo 190 is a Brazil made medium range passenger aircraft with a passenger volume of 100 people, about 10 years of age, and served at two other airlines before joining Mexico airlines. (overseas network Jiang Shu translation)

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