P2P platform grassroots investment is exposed to thunder investment investor Hua Wen media: verifying

P2P platform grassroots investment is exposed to thunder investment investor Hua Wen media: verifying

Once a journalist once a sword

Yesterday (July 31st) evening, some media and the media released information about the situation of grassroots investment. Some media have even posted some pictures of grassroots investors investing in Hangzhou's office space.

Today (August 1st) early in the morning, the daily economic news website published the report of "the investment of grass roots is referred to the false propaganda of the Guangzhou people's financial insurance: the collection of evidence to the police." Earlier this morning, reporters called the Grassroots Investment Official Service Hotline, but after a long wait was still unable to obtain manual services, voice broadcast as "busy seats." Subsequently, the reporter tried to obtain artificial services through the company's grassroots investment official WeChat, which shows that the access session is full.

It is worth mentioning that in A-share listed companies, Huawen Media (000793, SZ) has invested 100 million yuan in grassroots network operators. Reporters to Hua Wen media to verify the grassroots investment situation, the company official said, the company is also contacting verification.

Open information shows that grass-roots network is an Internet financial intermediary service enterprises, with a comprehensive Internet financial platform - grass-roots investment.

In February 21, 2017, the China news media announced that its China Fortune venture capital increased 100 million yuan in cash to the grassroots network. According to the data disclosed by Huawen Media, the unaudited revenue of Grassroots Network in 2015 was 142 million yuan, and the unaudited net profit was 3.256 million yuan. As of September 30, 2016, the unaudited consolidated financial data of the grass-roots network were as follows: the total assets were 1 billion 31 million yuan and the owner's equity was 853 million yuan, and the operating income of 1~9 months in 2016 was 140 million yuan, and the net profit was 16 million 840 thousand and 200 yuan.

Industry and commerce data show that the current ownership structure of the grass-roots network is: 56.10%, 21.06% of Guangzhou Hui Yin, 18.31% and 3.51% of Lhasa MEG investment, Shun e investment, and 1.03% of venture capital.

Has the media known about the grassroots investment in media coverage? The Chinese media related to the above said, the company is also concerned about the matter, is also in contact with the usual butt, but at present, there is no result, specifically to the company's announcement.  

Reporters found that, as at 12:00 today, the Huawen media had no announcement on the matter.

Another listed company, intercontinental oil and gas (600759, SH), announced in May that it would not invest more than 500 million yuan to the grassroots network. According to intercontinental oil and gas disclosure, as of March 2018, the total assets of the grass-roots network were 1 billion 741 million yuan, and the net assets were 1 billion 697 million yuan. In March this year, the grassroots network achieved 129 million yuan and net profit of 101 million yuan.

The daily economic news reporter called the intercontinental oil and gas securities department, and relevant people said the company had only signed a letter of intent to invest, and so far, its department did not receive notice of the progress. In addition, it is not known to the individual about the current situation of the grassroots network.

As of 12:00 today, there was no announcement on intercontinental oil and gas.

According to reporters, the China Times also reported in the afternoon that in the evening of July 31st, the news of "grass-roots investment most of the employees were retreated, the office space had been basically empty" was heard in the evening of July 31st, and some of the investors gathered to invest in the grass-roots Office of Hangzhou, and a large number of police arrived. Before that, the platform had issued a leave certificate to employees in advance and notified them to pick up things at night. On the evening of 31st, many grassroots investors took things home from the company overnight. The reporter asked the grassroots investment related staff to seek evidence, the other said, "the specific situation is not clear, I am also waiting for the notice", the head of investment related to grass roots can not be called.

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