The man who drives the bus does not pay to drive the driver.

The man who drives the bus does not pay to drive the driver.

Original title: arrogant! If you don't pay for the car, you'll hit the man.

In the afternoon of July 29th, at 3 p.m., a man was in the south bank, when he took a bus in the town of long town. Because of his bad mood, he was not willing to pay for the fare.

On the day of the incident, on the 179 B line bus of the double Valley bus station in Ying Long Town, everyone got on the bus and coin, but a middle-aged man wearing a short sleeved sleeves went on the car and went straight to the car, neither brush nor coin. The driver kindly reminded him that he was choked back by the man's sentence "I'm so upset and upset that I don't want to throw" and a quarrel ensued between the two sides.

Because of the monitoring of the fault on the car, when the driver is ready to take out the mobile phone to take a card, the middle-aged man suddenly stretches his hand and slaps the driver in a slap and drops the cell phone to the ground. At this point, the other passengers in the car can not stand, have accused the man of "bullying behavior", persuade him to admit to the driver's mistakes, and take the initiative to coin. A more than 70 year old man stood up and persuaded, and was pushed by the man, almost falling down.

After receiving the alarm from the bus driver, the Dragon police station brought the man back to the police station. After investigation, the man surnamed Wu often took the 179 bus to Guangyang town and Ying Long town. In the police station, the man is still arrogant, insisting that the weather is too hot and annoying that day, and is not in the mood to pay money and refuses to recognize the fact that the driver and the passengers are threatened. Finally, under the investigation and on-the-spot evidence gathered by the police, Wu confirmed the establishment of an offence of aggression, was given 10 days of administrative detention penalty.

The police in the south bank remind the public that the weather is hot and irritable, but we should be good at self investigation and guidance. Do not vent their own unhappiness on others, and can not bring harm to others. Otherwise, it will be severely punished by law.

News of the upper reaches of the Chongqing morning news reporter Jing Ran



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