Ofo is always sold. I can't feed myself.

Ofo is always sold. I can't feed myself.

Always in the "sold" ofo: do not sell, I can feed myself!

If we want to use one sentence to describe the state of bicycle market in the past two years, it is crazy financing and barbaric throw.

After the great wave of the sand, the only son of the ofo and Ali's son is the only son of the harrow, which is like "the north and South Murong", which is always compared to each other.

"Little enemy" ofo and drops

When it came to the embrace of the US regiment, everyone took it for granted that ofo and drops would also hold hands. And ofo and drops are indeed like a pair of enemies.

Ofo and drops of course have a brother like time, in 2016 drop collar C wheel, let ofo pass the C wheel life and death test, then drop and ofo began for more than a year for more than a year of honeymoon.

In the outside world, it is thought that the close relationship with ofo will keep up until the drop of ofo, but ofo is getting far away, even the rumor of "tear the face".

Ofo founder and CEO Davy, 27, in a complex business whirlpool, is undoubtedly a young man with ideal blood, "insisting on independent development, exploring the future of the industry" has always been the principle of the 90s, so when there are differences, Davy also chooses to break up, so there will be the outside world Commentary: wayward is a wonderful flower.

Even the melon crowd could not help asking: ofo really no longer think about drops?

Always in the "sold out" ofo

From the honeymoon of ofo and drip to the opposition, to the Mubai Boxers, to the present, ofo has never been heard of being sold. It's selling, of course, because every time there's a rumor, the ofo denies the rapidity of the response: I don't, don't talk nonsense, it's a rumor. The denial of fire is a rumor.

And since the article "The Little Yellow Car Goes Yellow" was published, the ofo has been burning on the fire, and it has been confronted with these doubts. Until this week, on July 30th, the merger of ofo and droplets started again, and ofo was still denying it. We can't remember this was the first denial of ofo.

This time, ofo denial of the attitude as before, the attitude of dropping does not comment on the attitude is a bit ambiguous, do not deny that it is also acknowledged, in the end is a rumor or only the price did not talk, real false let a person really do not see.

As a matter of fact, ofo is always sold out, because ofo is too "independent". Since this year, the US has been bought by the US group, and harrow is backed by Ali. Ofo has been walking alone. Perhaps everyone wants to know if the anti-ofo will succumb to reality, so a bit of wind and grass has been magnified infinitely.

More like the ofo of self proof ability

When the rumors continue to persist in the independent development of the ofo, it is all about the various methods of self-examination.

In the last few months, ofo has ceased to ride a free deposit with sesame's credit, try to build a credit system, promote commercialization, and constrict some of the overseas fronts focusing on key markets. Last week, ofo adjusted the cycle cost to half of the original price and socialized. Marketing marketing to close the user.

When ofo launched a discount last week, it declared that "self - hematopoiesis has made a qualitative leap," and even so, the voice of doubt has not been subsided.

There is no doubt that cash sharing is the most important problem for sharing a single car. If it is possible to solve this universal problem, the future development path will be smooth, whether it is ofo or other shared bicyclist. Riding charges, body advertising, traffic realisation, ofo is racing against time to find a way out.

The road is long and long, the future of an independent development of ofo is uncertain, I do not know that its young helm Davy can be full of enthusiasm and cherish the dream to insist on when, will explore the future of the industry?

In the world, the future of ofo is just like the big stream or the choice of walking alone, just like the dream or the choice of reality... These answers can only be left to time.

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