Mexico's 100 passenger plane crashed into undead passengers: hit by lightning

Mexico's 100 passenger plane crashed into undead passengers: hit by lightning

Original title: luckily! Hundreds of passengers crashed and no one died. Passengers recalled the moment of panic: "like lightning hit."

"When the plane took off, suddenly a strong wind came, and the pilot tried to abort the flight, but it was impossible."

A Mexico civil aircraft crashed after taking off from a Durango airport in the northern part of the country in the afternoon of July 31st. A survivor described the scene later.

Around 15:40 on the same day, the Mexican Airlines flight took off from Durango International Airport, Durango, to the capital Mexico City. The crash occurred shortly after the plane took off.

"It's like being hit by a flash of lightning."

"The plane was taking off," Durango Governor Jose Rosas Espolo told local television. Witnesses told him that after hearing a loud bang, the plane landed without warning.  

Another survivor described the plane as being hit by a bolt of lightning.

Alejandro Cardosa, a spokesman for the Civil Defense Department in Durango, Mexico, said the plane made an emergency landing about 10 kilometers from the airport. But other departments of the Mexican government say the landing site is closer to the airport.  

One survivor told local television: "Some of us got off the plane by ourselves, and it was about three or four minutes before the plane exploded."

Then Mexico airlines announced through social media that the airliner was a E190 aircraft produced by the Brazil Aviation Industry Corp, the flight number AM2431, 10 years old, and originally planned to fly to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. A spokesman for Mexico declined to disclose the list or nationality of the passengers. The Aviation Industry Corp in Brazil has not responded to the incident.  

No death, no Chinese citizen boarding Report

Andreas, chairman of Mexico airlines, said at a news conference in the evening that there were 99 passengers and 4 crew members on the plane, and the death report had not been received. At present, the airline is assisting in the investigation work and will help the injured and their families.

Durango governor Jose esplo said at another press conference that the Mexico Airlines flight took off with a strong wind and soon dropped after takeoff, leading to the left wing of the plane, causing the aircraft engine to fall off.

The plane is at a level after falling, providing conditions for passengers to flee before the fire broke out. At present, 49 passengers are hospitalized for treatment.

Television pictures showed that the body was badly damaged and stopped in the bushes, and smoke rose in the sky.  

It is understood that Mexican police and airlines preliminary confirmation, has not yet received the report of Chinese citizens boarding, nor have received reports of Chinese citizens casualties.

High level of pilots in Mexico City route

According to the new Xinhua news agency in Mexico, the Mexico capital Mexico City Hua Lei International Airport is located in the complex terrain, the plane is difficult to take off and landing, and the technical level of the pilot is required. Therefore, most pilots who fly on the Mexico City route are highly skilled and experienced.

At the same time, Mexico airlines, as the largest airline in Mexico, often receives Mexico air force retired pilots to fly to fly airliner, and the psychological quality and technical level of pilots are generally high.

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