The takeaway meal came back with a meal missing. The monitor showed that it was eaten on the spot.

The takeaway meal came back with a meal missing. The monitor showed that it was eaten on the spot.

Original title: takeaway meal returned a meal less, the police investigation found that he was actually eaten on the spot.

With the development of smartphones and mobile Internet, it is very common for people to buy food on the Internet now. As long as they are on the mobile APP, the gourmet gourmet will be sent to you at the fastest speed. A few tense atmospheres were added to the meal during the meal. Recently, Xiao Wang, who returned to Yubei District for dinner, met a bother.

On the evening of July 28, Xiao Wang, a takeout boy, drove his motorcycle through the streets of the city as usual to deliver delicious food to the public in time. At that time, Xiao Wang took two takeouts from different owners in the same neighborhood, and the takeouts were stored in the delivery box behind the motorcycle. When Xiao Wang reached his destination, he parked the motorcycle outside the big door of the district. Then one of the takeout was sent to the restaurant, and the other was stored in the dining box. When Xiao Wang finished the first takeout for second takeout, it was found that the takeout in the box was missing, so Wang was really confused. Later Xiao Wang chose to call the police for help.

Yubei District Public Security Bureau Hui Hing police station contacted the queen, Xiao Wang informed the police of this situation. Because delivery time is limited, if the time is out, Xiao Wang may lose more. The police suggested that Xiao Wang first pay his own money to buy the same takeaway for the owner, and then come to the police station to investigate the situation. Xiao Wang accepted the advice of the police. Finally, Xiao Wang sent the takeout on time.

After delivering the meal, Xiao Wang came to the police station. The police inspected the surrounding monitoring according to Xiao Wang's statement, and monitored and restored the whole process of taking-out. On that day, shortly after Xiao Wang took the first takeout to the building, there was a slovenly dressed child taking out the food in his box, and eating the food on the spot and leaving the scene after it was eaten. Then the police visited the child and the surrounding crowd said that the child had been wandering around for nearly two days, as if he had some mental retardation. Later, the police told Xiao Wang about this situation. Xiao Wang also understood this matter very well, and thanked the police for their work.

Yubei police remind the friends to send out to take care of the first time to pay attention to safety, must not be left in order to speed the safety of the security, secondly to ensure the safety of food products, the best meal box with metal material, and lock, this can avoid food stolen or stolen food situation.

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