Suzhou four big row affirming: mortgage less than 5 years early repayment will receive liquidated damages

Suzhou four big row affirming: mortgage less than 5 years early repayment will receive liquidated damages

Original title: This is the execution! Official confirmation of Suzhou's four largest banks: mortgage loans less than 5 years, early repayment will receive liquidated damages

In the middle of the afternoon of July 31st, a heavy message went into a circle of friends of Suzhou people: it is said that the four major banks are going to unify the policy and collect a certain amount of liquidated gold for the customers who have paid the mortgage ahead of time.

According to the news, from August 1st, if the customer paid in advance in 5 years, the customer will be charged a breach of contract gold = the amount of the early repayment amount * 6, that is, 100 thousand ahead of time, 2940 of the liquidated gold, and a 1 million liquidated gold of 29400 yuan in advance.

The first time a call to the Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China, the Bank of agriculture, the industry bank and the Construction Bank of China, the four major lines have given a reply: the news is true, the new rules of "default gold" will be implemented from August 1st, that is, from tomorrow.

Then, what is the impact of the new rule of penalty for Suzhou's housing sales people?

In the second-hand housing market in Suzhou, the loan is not full 5 years, the early repayment of the phenomenon is very common: the landlord usually needs to settle down the housing loan on the hand, so as to be able to do property rights. And people in the industry pointed out that in second-hand housing transactions, some of the tax and transaction costs are often undertaken by the buyers, "wool is on the sheep" - the present, the implementation of the new regulations of the breach of gold, or will increase the cost of buying house buyers, to combat the enthusiasm of the second-hand housing market transactions.

Xia Weifen, chief data analyst at Su Fang network, believes that the greater impact of this policy is on future housing groups.

She said: "the policy is mainly for the release of loans after August 1st people, especially for the investment property that is eager to put up the investment property of housing, will have an impact; but it will also affect the improvement of the demand for a short period of time, the transition period of the housing will be lengthened."

Xia Weifen believes that the new breach of contract is not limited to the sale, but to a certain extent, there is a similar effect to the sale: "on the whole, under the big premise that housing does not stir fry, there are many hot cities this year to limit the sale of the demand, to lengthen the investment transfer cycle, this policy is similar to the limit of the sale of the role, such as It is a short-term result, which undoubtedly increases the cost of the transfer of the housing market in the second-hand housing market, and it is expected to have a certain impact on the future purchase of short-term loans.

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