25 year old college research assistant stealing girl's underwear after leaving office: rising for a while

25 year old college research assistant stealing girl's underwear after leaving office: rising for a while

Original title: 25 year old college research assistant to steal female underwear after leaving: a whim

Xiaolu (not her real name) has just graduated from a key university in Hangzhou this year. After graduation, she and her friends live in a dormitory building in the school. This building is a mixed building, with men and women, but all college graduates and related personnel can live in. However, because of this, the criminals can take advantage of the opportunity. Recently, what happened in the early morning made Xiao Lu angry and ashamed to speak.

In the early morning of July 26th, Xiao Lu started to go to the bathroom next door, thinking about just leaving for a moment, so she didn't shut the door. When she returned to her dorm, she found that the underwear that had just dried in the bedroom went off!

Xiao Lou lives on the two floor by the staircase. Is anyone going to see it stolen? Now that summer vacation is coming, most of the people in the dormitory have gone home. What if there are criminals going to rush in? Xiao Lu thought more and more scared, and decided to call the police on the second day under the suggestion of his roommate.

Around 3 p.m., Cheng Liang, a police station in Xixi, sent the police to the dormitory. Cheng Liang found out that a suspicious man slipped into the dormitory during the interval when Xiaolu left the dormitory, and then quickly left. This scene in the monitoring let the small dew startled and the spine cool.

Subsequently, after obtaining evidence, the police successfully captured the suspect Chen. Xiao Chen is 25 years old, and Hubei people have transferred their accounts to Hangzhou. He was a research assistant outside the school. He left the dormitory soon after he left the office and lived in the upstairs of Xiao Lou. In the early morning of 26, he returned to the dormitory from the Internet cafe. After the two floor, he happened to see the little dew in the bedroom opening the door, so he walked into it with a skew of idea. No one in the dorm had stolen a pair of underwear.

Xiao Chen admitted that he had stolen Xiao Lu's underwear and called himself single. It was only a whim and the first time he had done so. At present, Chen has been detained by the West Lake police according to law.

West Lake police remind you, women who live single: be sure to get in and out of the customs of the door. It is found that the suspicious personnel should reflect the situation in time, reduce the hidden dangers of security, and do not allow any illegal elements to have a chance!

Source: Youth Times

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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