Australia's maritime joint show first invited China but did not include live ammunition exercises.

Australia's maritime joint show first invited China but did not include live ammunition exercises.

Information map of the "card card" exercise held in Australia in the early years

The Australian newspaper reported that at the invitation of Australia, China will participate in the first Australian-sponsored joint naval exercise of Kakadu. Payne, Australia's defense minister, confirmed in July 31st that he had sent an invitation to China. It is said that inviting China to a military exercise may be a "diplomatic breakthrough" in Australia and China under the opposition of the "foreign influence act" and the South China Sea issue.

On the 31 day of the Australian Financial commentary, China will send a warship to participate in the joint naval performance of the "cam" on the coast of Darwin in September this year, and Australia invited 27 countries to participate. But he said that China will only participate in part of the exercise, not including live ammunition exercises. "Australia is committed to developing a long-term strategic relationship with China on the basis of mutual benefit and mutual respect."

The report said that Australia was the first to invite China to participate in the military exercise, and that the United States revoked China's invitation to the "2018" military exercise in the Pacific Rim. The Australian newspaper, the Australian newspaper, said the joint military performance of the "card" sea was the largest naval exercise sponsored by Australia. In 2016, thousands of soldiers from nearly 20 Asia Pacific countries participated, and China participated as an observer in the exercise.

Graham, a defense expert of Australia's famous Chi - Chi Institute, told the Australian Financial commentary 31, which said that despite the tense diplomatic relations between Australia and China, both sides realized the importance of maintaining a good military relationship. However, he did not think that this meant the turning of the overall relationship between Australia and China, "this is not barometer". (the author signed: the one hundred thousand army)

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