The true drinking capacity of the whole nation is revealed: the three provinces are exported to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

The true drinking capacity of the whole nation is revealed: the three provinces are exported to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

Original title: the true drinking capacity of the whole nation is revealed: the three provinces are exported to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai?

How did the northeast people drink in the jitter? Feel the style of the painting: the 84 year old woman strings, drinks and relish. The legendary northeastern people are famous for their drinking. They can't compare with the northeast people. Even if everyone falls down, the last one standing at the wine table must be the northeast. But is the northeastern people really so able to drink?


In recent years, we have found that several stereotypes about drinking are likely to be incorrect.

Stereotype: Northeast people drink the first tiger in the world.

To answer the above question, is northeastern people the best drink? You may be disappointed. According to CBNData "2017 Tmall alcohol online consumption data report" shows that the country is the most able to drink in fact Sichuan people, especially Sichuan, Xinjiang District sister, buy wine and buy lipstick like no soft, not too much. In the eastern three provinces, Heilongjiang ranked only fourth, and the rest were southern provinces and cities. Northeast man is not the best drink, they are even less than the Anhui little brother.

In the week of the World Cup finals, online beer search and trading had a small peak. However, the top five provinces with the largest search volume still have no big northeast. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangdong take the top five, the only one in the north. (a little special area will be mentioned later)

What about the offline market? Drinking beer in a pub and watching the ball together is a standard for many young cities in the world cup. The "2018 World Cup hot spot report" mentioned that the ball game was hot, and the order of bars was 15% higher than usual. Among them, the "North Canton" orders increased the most, called the three largest bar city. The three small partners were afraid to drink all the wine that they did not dare to drink at all times. The two popular shopping circles, Sanlitun in Beijing and Pentagon in Shanghai, have the same degree of fan congregation and draw between the north and the south. However, the top ten cities of the pub are still not northeast. Then the question is, is the world cup unable to stir up the enthusiasm of the northeast people to drink wine?

Stereotype two: the northern people are dry and the southerners are red.

Generally speaking, southerners are more willing to spend money on liquor and water. Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces are the most expensive areas for online liquor. Specific to red, white, yellow, ocean, beer, the five most common wine, North and South showed obvious preferences. In the impression, the northerners like dry white. Southerners like to drink red. The big data is overturned again.

The most favorite liquor is not the northerners, but the Central Plains area headed by Henan province. Interesting annual festival data released by an e-commerce platform at the beginning of the year tell us that people in Henan love to buy liquor, and the Northeast partner favorite is still drinking beer in winter.

Southerners are not very cold, but they are southerners. Guangdong coastal areas needless to say, this is the earliest place for foreign culture to enter, the local people generally higher acceptance of foreign wine. In Beijing and Shanghai, which are more open in culture, they gradually develop the habit of drinking foreign wine. It is a little surprising that minority areas like the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region seem more interested in foreign wine, and the overall preference will be much higher than in the middle and northern regions.

On behalf of the red wine, the southern city of Guangdong and Shanghai do have one or two. This is related to high local per capita income. Even during the world cup, beer crayfish CP, red wine search volume has improved significantly, and the largest search for the five cities, is also Guangzhou, Zhejiang and Shanghai package.

But! Xiao Bian found a northern undercover among the wine lovers. Shandong people prefer wine to the southerners and play a tie with Hubei people. They are also very proud to buy liquor, and the price per unit is even higher than that of Guangdong, the largest consumer of red wine. Big data show that northerners actually prefer sweet wine, but Shandong is an exception, love dry wine, the right Southeast taste.

Shandong, the big northern province, is very interesting. During the World Cup, the top five searches for Taobao liquor, red wine and beer must have a place for Shandong people. Shandong is a big beer producer, in the "2008 online wine consumption report," Qingdao beer sales scale is second only to Budweiser, ranking first in China. But Shandong's love for beer is not confined to its own brand. According to the search heat of the business staff, the most search cities of "Tsingtao Brewery" are from Shandong Province, local goods are popular locally, and they are also very keen on other regional brands. Shandong people can rank fourth in favor of Yanjing Beer, but the local people of Harbin Beer are not very energetic, and Shandong people are once again actively embracing it!

Do people in Shandong have such a good wine that they are in good health after drinking? Yes! During the world cup, the sale of liver protecting pills increased by 91% over the previous month. Let's take a look at the heat curve of the ups and downs.

Fans night owls stay on the night while maintaining health. Staying up late drinking is all harmful to the liver. Fortunately, they have not forgotten the liver protecting pill. As the North representative of the Shandong people still very good, really can drink is true health, the world cup during their Taobao search for "sober" volume of the first, Baidu search "sober" "liver protection" method, they can also be ranked in the first five. However, the Sichuan people who can drink the most are not very interested in Hugan pills, there may be another way to relieve alcohol, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hunan people are the forward of this batch of health care army.

I do not know whether the true drinking capacity of the whole nation exposed by big data has upset your cognition. I hope this article today can help you identify the hidden experts in the wine table.

Responsible editor: Gui Qiang

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