The Russian BMP2 chariot entered a serious failure in China.

The Russian BMP2 chariot entered a serious failure in China.

At 10:00 am on August 1, the first round of the second day of the "Suwolov Assault" cycling race was held in Korla, Xinjiang. Teams from 3 countries, Russia, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, launched fierce competition. In the course of the competition, the three teams of the teams had different malfunctions, but the Russian team's step-by-step vehicle was the most serious problem, and the accident occurred in the competition.

The Russian team's BMP-2 paces

It is reported that in today's competition, Venezuela and Zimbabwe's teams are using the Chinese military ZBD-86A - style paces, with the Russian team using their own BMP-2 paces. The flag color of the Venezuelan team's step-by-step vehicle is red, the flag of the Zimbabwe team's step-by-step flag is yellow, while the flag of the Russian team's step-by-step vehicle is green. The order of the three nations team is Russia Venezuela Zimbabwe.

The flying wheels and the BMP-2 paced car that was forced to stop.

After the start of the competition, each team went on the field according to order. In the race of the speed race, the Russian team's BMP-2 pacer went through the rut bridge and entered the undulating section called "rub road" without slowing down. As a result of the dramatic picture, the first load wheel on the right side of the vehicle flown out directly with the heavy smoke from the exhaust port of the BMP-2's car engine, and the pacer has to stop after the "rolling road". Video from the scene, it should be because the front of the infantry vehicle when the car body falls high, too much force caused by the suspension and wheels of the joint position of fracture. It is worth mentioning that a day earlier, in the "tank two" competition in Moscow's arabinoo shooting range, the Russian team's T-72B3M main battle tank was also out of question, and a crawler fell off during the high speed race during the race.

BMP-2 is being robbed to get rid of the car and get out of the track

After the failure, in order to avoid the competition in other car groups, the racing car at the scene immediately took the BMP-2 step from the tyre off the track, while the Russian team replaced a BMP-2 to continue the competition.

The Venezuelan team in high speed

At the moment, the game was over. After a fierce competition, the Russian team won the group first with 45 seconds and 06 points, second in Venezuela and the last of the Zimbabwe team.

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