Harvard set up discrimination against Asian students to be sued by ivy and other elite schools.

Harvard set up discrimination against Asian students to be sued by ivy and other elite schools.

Original title: discrimination against Asian American students was accused by Harvard University.

China new network, August 1, according to the United States "Star Island daily" reported that the Ivy League (Ivy League) members of the Union and a number of universities support the Harvard University, the federal court of Boston submitted a letter of opinion, the court in Harvard University was alleged to be suspected of discrimination against American Asian applicants in the lawsuit, the Harvard University winner of the lawsuit.

It is reported that the remaining seven major institutions of the Ivy League, as well as the Duke University, Emory University, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, and the Stanford University, are 16 famous universities and submitted to the court on 30 July to friend-of-the-court brief, which means the federal government prohibits the admission of schools. When students consider race as a "great intervention", the court has asked the court to judge the Harvard University in a lawsuit that was alleged to have been suspected of discrimination against Asian American students at the Harvard University. The case will be tried in October.

Reports say that many schools are in the form of a statement that enrolment is essentially an educational level, guaranteed by the first amendment (First Amendment), and individual educational institutions have long been granted the right to decide the category of academic freedom.

The document points out that educational institutions have the necessary expertise and rights to make academic judgements on enrolment standards, especially to determine the type, quality, quantity of students or the degree of diversity, to enhance the learning experience of the students, if the institutions of higher learning can not consider racial factors at the time of their admission. This will be a great violation of the academic freedom of the University.

In 2014, Harvard University was prosecuted by "Students for Fair Admissions" in 2014, claiming that the Harvard admissions procedure violated the constitution, did not conform to the federal civil rights law and deliberately discriminated against American Asian students, even though Asian American students had better academic performance than other ethnic groups. The rate of recording is low.

The group said July 30 that it understood Harvard's emphasis on diversity, but that it was wrong to use race to achieve that goal.

The same day to the court to submit documents to support the Harvard University, including a professor of law from Duke University, a group of students and graduates who are reading, going to Harvard, and 37 higher education associations representing research universities, law schools and private colleges.

The U. S. Department of justice is also investigating allegations of racist Asian American students in Harvard University, which in the spring urged the court to publish a series of documents and data related to the Harvard school policy.

The spokesman, Kelly Laco, said that the Ministry of justice's investigation was still continuing and retained the possibility of participating in the proceedings as appropriate, in order to ensure that all people were free from any form of illegal racial discrimination.

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