The staff of the nursing home scolded the old man with a beating.

The staff of the nursing home scolded the old man with a beating.

At about 9 a.m. on July 31, 2018, Zhao and Zhang in the old hospital of Jiang Lou Town, Huimin County, Binzhou, Shandong, had a fight with Zhang in the doorway of the old hospital. Jianglou Town Government said that after the incident, the Party Committee and the government attached great importance to it, and immediately arranged for the civil affairs, discipline commissions and other departments to investigate and deal with.

After checking, around 9 a.m. in July 31st, two people were enjoying the cold at the doorway of the nursing home because two people fought. The hospital people Yin MOU will report this situation to the staff of the township nursing home road, a road rushed to the scene disposal, the two will be opened. But the two did not listen to dissuade and became more excited, and wanted to fight. Lu wanted to prevent them from fighting again and beat the old man with a horse. Its working style is simple and crude, causing serious adverse effects.

Jianglou Town government staff promptly communicated with Zhao and Zhang and their families face to face, and apologized specifically, both sides and their families expressed understanding.

Responsible editor: Gui Qiang

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