The Cai Yingwen administration believed that comfort women were "voluntary": they could not be proved to be forced.

The Cai Yingwen administration believed that comfort women were

[observer network comprehensive report], according to the Taiwan "China Times" reported in August 1st, the island has two poles of view on whether the island should seek compensation for the Sunday comfort women, and the "legislature" of the "legislature" had gone to the United States and the United Nations Headquarters, and the United Nations was ultimately unable to identify the Japanese in denying the Japanese army's expropriation of comfort women. But there are still many people on the island who think comfort women are voluntary.

In 1995, in order to resist the Japanese government's responsibility to avoid the government, Taiwan writer Li Ao donated 100 pieces of collectible sale, and Ma Ying-Jeou, "blue committee" Li Qinghua and others, and the proceeds plus 3800 million NT $8 million 460 thousand (RMB 8 million 460 thousand yuan) to help the comfort women. After being the leader of the Taiwan region, he joined the "comfort women" in the history class of high school, but there was still a textbook that claimed women's voluntariness. For this reason, the horse made it clear that "women were forced to be comfort women" to join the class in the second term.

However, some of the "independent" students jumped out of the class, pointing out that some women were economic factors as a comfort woman, and the "legislature" Lai Zhenchang also opposed the addition of "forced", and thought it was impossible to prove it.

While Cai Yingwen campaigned for Taiwan regional leaders in 2016, although they showed support for taking action to help the comfort women, they immediately abolished the Ma Ying-Jeou class program and adopted the old classes that had not explicitly written the consolation women. Even the representative in Japan, Xie Changting, was asked if he had imitated the South Korean bronze statue when he said, "So everyone is ready to take part in my farewell ceremony."

The Taiwan women's rescue foundation has pointed out that when Japan and South Korea signed the agreement in the past, the Taiwan folk also asked for the Taiwan authorities, but the "Ministry of foreign affairs" only responded negatively. At present, only 2 people in Taiwan still live in the world. Because they are reduced to comfort women, some people have lost their fertility and can not have a good marriage.

Since the beginning, the Taiwan comfort women have not yet received an apology from the Japanese government. For the Taiwan comfort women, Ye Yulan, the former chairman of the Taipei women's rescue fund and the Secretary General of the Asian police society, said that the power of the civil society is still limited without the authorities as a backing. With only 2 remaining in the world, he hopes the Tsai authorities will be able to deal with the Japanese side and deal with the Taiwan comfort women.

Professor He Sishen said that, no matter whether the elderly who had been for the comfort women withered away, the Taiwan authorities should be fair to this period. It is a pity that some people in Taiwan believe that the problem of comfort women is not a problem, and that it is the same as to bully themselves.

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