A month after Cai Qi's investigation, Beijing's two blockbuster action plans were unveiled.

A month after Cai Qi's investigation, Beijing's two blockbuster action plans were unveiled.

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Original title: Party Secretary Cai Qi investigation after a month, the two major action plan introduced!

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The city's two big pounds are published on the same day - the three year action plan for improving the public services and infrastructure of the Huilongguan Tian Tong Yuan Region (2018 - 2020) and the action plan for accelerating the development of the southern region of the city (2018 - 2020). These two "action plans" have aroused strong reactions among the public and won numerous praise.

As everyone knows, Tiantong Garden is the biggest community in Asia, but the people who live here know it is warm and cold. In the early morning, tens of thousands of people poured into the main traffic routes, and the subway station ushered in the morning rush of crowds from about seven o'clock. Because there are few jobs nearby, many people can only regard it as sleeping city.

Besides, Chengnan, Beijing is known as "a bed in the north of the city rather than a room in the south of the city". Compared to the north, there is a huge gap in the economic development, income level, social structure, infrastructure and so on, and the people in the south of Chengnan need the urgent need to improve the people's livelihood.

People say hello, I should.

In June 7th, party secretary Cai Qi spent a whole day in Changping District Huilongguan and Tiantongyuan area. He spoke with a sounding voice.

Huilongguan, Tian Tong Yuan area is known as the largest community in Beijing, with a population of eight hundred thousand, but traffic congestion, unbalance of job and residence, and serious lagging of public service have been determined to solve the problem.

In fact, Cai Qi attached great importance to the construction of public service facilities in Huilongguan and Tiantongyuan district. In July 23rd last year, he came here to conduct special investigations and on-site scheduling. After a year's revisit, he checked by item by item: Chen Jiaying East Road of "broken head" has been opened for many years; the special road of Huilongguan to Shanghai is started in September, the time will be shortened to 26 minutes, and the difficulty of commuting will be alleviated effectively; the Huilongguan sports culture Park will be built on the original site of the Xin Di market; the plaza and the comprehensive culture of Tian Tong Yuan will be laid down. The center completes the repurchase to be used in public service.

On this revisit, Cai Qi not only went to the spot to check, but also looked at the work on the surface. He walked the community, entered the campus, and listened to the masses face to face. Melting home is Xicheng District old city protection resettlement housing project. Cai Qi was worried about the inconvenience of living in the "old West City".

Once into the community, Cai Qi went straight to the convenience store to see. Huang Xiuyun, who was shopping for vegetables, recognized Cai Qi and greeted him warmly. Cai Qi laughed and asked her what was the inconvenience in her life? "It's not convenient to travel. I hope to drive more buses." Aunt Huang is quick to say that this will become better and better and become a model community. Everyone gave the words a happy laugh.

In the community, the trees are shady, and the residents cool down in summer in twos and threes. Seeing the city leaders coming, everyone gathered around to say hello. Cai Qi said, I came here to listen to your heart and let's build our home together. "Then I say two sentences." Han Qingming squeezed from the crowd to Cai Qi, reflecting the noise nuisance and parking difficulties. Cai Qi said that the core area moved to the public, recognizing the general situation and taking the overall situation into account, contributing to the ease of capital city function. Changping, Xicheng and relevant departments should seriously study and deal with them.

If last year's special investigation and on-site dispatch were to treat symptoms at precise points, then this visit is to further seek the root cause of the layout.

The three year action plan (2018 - 2020) of the public service and infrastructure of Huilongguan Tian Tong Yuan area was optimized by the meeting of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the city. The three year action plan, which is closely related to the most immediate and most realistic livelihood issues of the local residents in Huilongguan Tian Tong Yuan, puts forward a package of solutions for the implementation of three major projects of public service, traffic control and municipal infrastructure to optimize the habitat environment in the region.

According to the plan, in the next 3 years, it will invest nearly 20 billion yuan in the field of education, health, pension, transportation and other areas of the people's livelihood - promote 26 education projects, provide 13 thousand degrees, add 2 community health service centers, 3 hospital projects, and build a batch of sports parks, small theatres and other supporting facilities to enrich 80 The lives of the remaining tens of thousands of citizens; the promotion of 8 pension projects to meet the needs of public services; the most troublesome congestion problem will be gradually relieved, and thousands of parking spaces will come to the people through various forms. The former "sleeping city" will become a demonstration of urban renewal.

For a long time, we can learn to work well before we can make good deeds.

Needless to say, the imbalance between the north and the South has long plagued the capital. According to the data issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of statistics, the GDP of Chaoyang District and Haidian District reached 464 billion yuan and 461 billion 300 million yuan respectively in 2016, while in the western and southern Beijing Fengtai District, Shijingshan District, Fangshan District, Daxing District and Mentougou, the sum of the GDP of the five districts was only about 280 billion 700 million yuan. In the tertiary industry, especially the financial sector, leasing and business services, which are the main indicators of global function, Nancheng lags far behind Beicheng. Even in terms of daily consumption reflecting people's spending power, the south is also lower than the north.

To solve the problem of unbalanced development between the north and the south of Beijing and inadequate development in the south, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government should find out the key points and continue to exert their efforts.

In June 15th, Cai Qi took the question of how to promote the development of the southern part of the city, and went to Fengtai District for investigation and study. Fengtai is not only a central city, but also an important node in the development of the southern part of the capital.

He walked through the Forest Park of Nanyuan on the extension of the south central axis. He walked through the last large-scale development area of the Li Ze financial business district in the third ring. He proposed to promote the southern development. First of all, we should make a good plan for the development of the southern regional development plan. He emphasized in particular that the regional spatial structure of "one axis, two corridors, two belts and many points" should be centered to create a "golden corner and silver border" for Beijing's future development.

In view of the pain points and difficult problems such as insufficient service ability, function and industry to be promoted in the south of Beijing City, there is no simple matter, but a systematic study and judgment, and a comprehensive solution is put on the surface.

On the same day, the three year action plan for improving public services and infrastructure in Huilongguan Tian Tong Yuan area (2018 - 2020), the action plan for accelerating the acceleration of development in the southern region (2018 - 2020) was also adopted at the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of Fengtai District, Fangshan District, Daxing District and North. Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

In fact, this is the third phase of the urban South action plan launched by the city after the two stages of the south development action plan from 2010 to 2012, 2013 to 2015, and it is more targeted and more long-term. For example, with the name of "second Financial Street", the Li Ze financial business district will not only complement the short board in the first pillar industry of Beijing, the financial sector, to achieve the key functional areas and industrial development, but also to the new international financial functional areas, such as the Canary Wharf, London, to become the capital financial reform test. It provides a new engine for future development. The southern region will also usher in a great leap forward in the transport infrastructure and ecological quality level, and will gradually establish a cross regional transportation system, speed up the planning and construction of the axis of the ecological culture of the south central axis, and provide a powerful support to solve the "South as far as the North" fundamentally.

The new version of the action plan also describes the birth of the southern future.

The south central axis of Fengtai District will speed up the study of the high end culture and other functions and projects in the space, creating an important area for the supply of high quality life services in the capital, the integration of scientific and technological innovation and financial services.

Fangshan District will improve the function of the international cultural leisure tourism and the ecological culture of the Yongding River, and build the functional area of cultural display and leisure holiday in the southwest of the capital.

Daxing District will accelerate the planning of the airport economic zone, upgrade the traffic conditions around the new airport, and promote the transformation of the western part of the new city.

Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone will strengthen the construction of sophisticated industrial clusters and improve the supporting functions of cities.

It is not difficult to see that in the southern part of the city, the magnificent picture of a functionally graded transfer area, a high quality development test area and a harmonious and livable demonstration area in the capital is gradually expanding.

Solving problems from one point to another, like dissecting sparrows, aims to find common problems and promote the resolution of a class of problems through case-by-case solutions. This is often the point of finding contradictions and solving problems on the surface.

Let's trace back to August 4, 2017. It's a hot day. Cai Qi came to Miyun Mountains around "protecting water and enriching the people" to visit farmers, see the water, talk with farmers, talk with village cadres to help. Every household he went to inspect how they ate and lived, and inquired in detail about the family members, their sources of income and their living difficulties.

Cai Qi told the cadres in the village and village, the village has resources, the people have hands, and also want to do the job, to organize the villagers to ensure that the funds are truly rooted. Aiming at the problem of low-income households' income increase, he put forward the work idea of "employment, industry, assistance and environment".

The right thing is to catch up to the end.

A month later, the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China "put forward some policy suggestions on promoting the increase of the income of farmers in the city and the increase of income of low-income farmers". It was proposed to adhere to the combination of blood transfusion and hematopoiesis. To complete the time limit, from the implementation of the employment policy of rural labor force, the implementation of the industrial help policy of promoting the income increase of the low-income farmers, the implementation of the policy of promoting the ecological benefits of the ecological forest in the mountain areas, the implementation of the education and assistance policy to the children of the low-income farmers, and the implementation of the relevant policies to improve the level of the low-income farmers' families. On the other hand, the "prescription" was made.

It is beautiful to fight and pay tribute to action. Only by falling down, sinking to the front line and persisting in problem orientation can we see clearly and see where the pain points and difficulties are at the grass-roots level. As Cai Qi said when he studied in Tongzhou District, he squatted down to see clearly and ran deep impression.

It is only to concentrate on the thought, to embody the ability to the director, to lock the goal in the accomplice, to create the first class performance and to better respond to the new expectations of the people for a better life.

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