The man changed his name and fled after being killed for 28 years. He became a wealthy businessman when he was arrested.

The man changed his name and fled after being killed for 28 years. He became a wealthy businessman when he was arrested.

Original title: after the killing of a man, he changed his name and fled for 28 years. He once was a "second Palace" and was a wealthy businessman when he was arrested.

"I'm finally vengeance!" After the accident, Wang Ming (a pseudonym) left such a line in the living room of Zhuo's home.

It happened 28 years ago. At that time, Wang Ming, after playing truant, came to the Zhuo's house and found that the gate was masked. He thought no one was at home. He was in the living room looking for "the little overlord game machine", who knew that lady Zhuo came out of the bedroom and shouted "the thief." Wang Minglai could not explain her own purpose. She covered her mouth with her left hand and locked her neck with her right arm. A few minutes later, Wang Ming felt that she had no strength, and Ms. Zhuo no longer struggled.

Afterwards, Wang Ming did not call the police or ask for help, but found a pen and paper in the living room to leave a line, intended to mislead others is the enemy's behavior. At this time, he heard the cry of the baby from the bedroom and threw the baby into the wardrobe beside the bed. When the police arrived, the baby had no breath.

In the 28 years of escape, Wang Ming changed its name and was sentenced to "Xu Tao" for half a year and the crime of burglary. After leaving prison, Wang Ming felt more hopeful about his escape life. When he was arrested in Ningguo City, Anhui Province, on March 21, this year, he was already a rich businessman.

In July 13, 2018, the Qingpu District Procuratorate of Shanghai City accepted the old case. At present, the hospital intends to report Wang Ming's intentional homicide to the second branch of the Shanghai people's Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.

Nightmares come down, wife and daughter are killed

In June 14, 1990, it was a nightmare for Mr. Gu.

On the same day, Mr. Gu, who lived in the five floor of a residential district in Qingpu, Shanghai (now Qingpu District of Shanghai), found that his wife had no breath on the floor of the bathroom. The floor had traces of blood scrubbing, and the daughter disappeared. He immediately ran to the nearby bank and asked the bank staff to call the police by telephone. When the police conducted the scene investigation, they found their dead daughter in the bedroom closet of Mr. Gu's home.

It has been identified that Mr. Gu's wife was injured by others and died of mechanical asphyxia, while his daughter was injured by others and died of craniocerebral injury. At the same time, the police picked up the suspect's fingerprints at the scene.

After visiting, searching and clue matching, the police focused on Wang Ming, a student of a vocational and technical school in Qingpu. But when he arrested Wang Ming, he had fled and did not know where to go. In July 26, 1990, the Qingpu County Procuratorate approved the arrest of Wang Ming, a suspect, on suspicion of intentional homicide.

But over the years, Wang Ming has gone to sea without any news, and has never been in court. In the past 28 years, Mr. Gu has always been wondering, what is the reason why the murderer had to kill the wife and the baby who had not been born.

Capture and return the case

At the beginning of 2018, investigators re - combed the case and managed to sort out 16 people with a higher similarity in age and appearance and Wang Ming, and asked local public security agencies to help inquiries.

Among them, a man named "Xu Tao", Anhui Ning nationality, caused the attention of investigators. The man's household registration department moved from the province, and his identity card age was only three years old with Wang Ming, a fugitive criminal suspect, and the identity was very suspicious.

The police immediately went to Ningguo, Anhui Province, and with the assistance of local police to obtain the biological information of "Xu Tao", and immediately compared with Wang Ming's parents' DNA. The identification results showed that there was kinship, and Xu Tao's real identity was Wang Ming. The fugitive who had been pursuing the crime for 28 years finally appeared. Investigators immediately drew up the arrest plan and successfully escorted Wang Ming back to Shanghai.

Wang Ming, who was no longer a student, soon admitted that he was indeed a murderer who had absconded with the murder. According to his account, he studied in a vocational and technical school in Qingpu in 1990, and was under 18 years old. Several months before the incident, Wang Ming had been taken to his brother's (GW) house for several times to play games.

In that time, the "little bully game machine" was more popular among the students, and the game types were "soul fighter", "tank war" and so on. As long as the game card was inserted on the TV, Wang Ming was addicted to the game, and could not be extricate himself in the game world. Although he had been to Gu's house several times before, Wang Ming had never met Mr. Gu's wife and daughter every time he went there.

In the morning of the crime, Wang Ming skipped class again. He planned to go to Mr. Gu's home to play games. By inquiring and questioning the security guard and calling himself a classmate of Mr. Gu's younger sister, Wang Ming successfully asked for the door number and came to Mr. Gu's house. He found that the door was unlocked and there was no sound inside, so he thought nobody was at home.

Unexpectedly, when Wang Ming searched the living room for the game machine, Mr. Gu's wife Zhuo Lady heard the noise and suddenly walked out of the bedroom. Seeing strangers looking around, Ms. Zhuo's first reaction was that the family had entered the thieves. She immediately cried out and shouted out to the door, "Catch the thieves! Catch the thief! "

Wong Ming was frightened by the sudden cries. He had no time to explain his intention. He rushed over to try to cover Ms Zhuo's mouth and stop her from shouting. Zhuo retreated to the kitchen, picked up a kitchen knife and rebelled. In her struggle, she cut Wang Ming's arm and immediately bled. Wang Ming grabbed the kitchen knife and pushed Zhuo to the bathroom. The two tore and scuffled together and locked the lady's neck with his right arm to tighten it. A few minutes later, Wang Ming felt her hands were weak, and Zhuo did not struggle any longer. After letting go, he found Zhuo lying on the ground motionless.

Wang Ming felt something big. Instead of calling the police and asking for help, he came up with a way to confuse others. He found a paper and pen in the living room and wrote a line on the paper. "I finally got revenge!" The intention to mislead others is the enemy. After writing, he wiped the blood off the floor with his coat, and as he was about to escape, he heard bursts of crying in the bedroom.

He opened the bedroom door and saw a baby crying in the cradle. Afraid of crying to attract the attention of his neighbours, Wang Ming opened his bedside wardrobe, picked up the baby, threw it in, closed the door and left quickly. When the police arrived, the baby had no breath.

Bleach the identity, put down the mind

"I haven't had a good time in these years. I have a new identity and I dare to get married and make a birth. In recent years I have gradually settled down, and I can't escape it." Wang Ming said to the prosecutor in the detention center that he is now the father of two children.

After the crime, he fled by train overnight, but he did not expect this escape for 28 years.

Where did the "Xu Tao" identity card used by Wang Ming when he was arrested? It turned out that Wang Ming was a minor at the time of the crime, and there was no identity card at that time. In the first few years after the escape, Wang inscribed Hunan Changsha, Guangdong Guangzhou and other places, and fled to Xinjiang in the middle of 90s, and worked in restaurants in Urumqi and other cities.

In 1997, when Wang Ming was a cook in a restaurant in Kuitun, Xinjiang, he met a boss who used to come to the restaurant. After knowing that the customer had an identity card, Wang Ming called himself an orphan, grew up in Xinjiang and asked his boss for an identity card for himself, and gave him a picture of the picture. More than a month later, the boss brought an ID card and a household registration book, the registered permanent residence book only "Xu Tao" a person's name, the place of residence is Kuitun City, Xinjiang.

After gaining a new identity, Wang Ming has the intention of making money. He believed that relying on chefs to make money without a future, he opened a salon with friends in Kuitun. However, the closed hairdresser was not on the right track, and in order to make quick money, he recruited some women to start a flesh and skin business in the hairdresser. In 1998, the hair salon was investigated by the local public security organs. Wang Ming was reeducated half a year for her prostitution.

After being punished by the public security organs, Wang Ming put down his guard and thought that as long as he had the identity of Xu Tao, even if he did something again, he should not be afraid of being exposed.

Get married and give birth to a rich businessman

In order to get closer to his hometown, in early 1999, Wang Ming came to Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province alone, selling flowers in the West Lake scenic spot for a living. Once, however, Wang Ming came to the client company and found that the office was empty, and there was a valuable watch on the table. After the flowers were put away, he took the watch by hand and left it in his pocket.

In October 1999, Wang Ming was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for a theft in Hangzhou.

After he was released from prison, Wang Ming could not make ends meet and his life was in trouble again. He became his old professional, working as a cook in hotels all over Zhejiang Province. A few years later, Wang Ming saved some money. He opened a hot pot shop by himself and met his wife during the opening.

Wang Ming deceived his wife and his family and called himself a Xinjiang native. He was an orphan since childhood. Gradually the two people came together, Wang Ming was married to his wife as "Xu Tao", and he came to his wife's hometown, Ningguo, Anhui Province, to live so far, and his wife gave birth to two children.

After going through marriage and having children, Wang Ming feels that he has gained hope and hope in escaping life. His work is more powerful, in recent years, when the market has been booming, three hotels have been opened at the same time.

In 2016, Wang Ming moved his account from Xinjiang to Ningguo, Anhui province. He thought the rest of his life would be settled with his wife and children. He also gradually put down the nightmare 28 years ago, but he did not think that the Internet could not escape from the law, and he still did not escape the trial of law.

"Actually, last year, I drove alone to Shanghai for training, and I saw a lot from Qingpu." Wang Ming said to the prosecutor and lowered his head.

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