Israeli female soldiers retire as net red 5 rounds to achieve "dance shooting" (map)

Israeli female soldiers retire as net red 5 rounds to achieve

Recently, Canadian rappers Drake's "I feel" Song triggered a boom. The lively rhythm of this song has set off an upsurge of "KIKI challenge" in the world. Simply put, it's challenging people to jump out of the car and show off all sorts of dances at the rhythm of the song while the car continues to move forward. This dangerous act has caused many traffic accidents and caused many casualties worldwide. An Israeli retired female soldier pushed the difficulty of "KIKI challenge" to a new climax.

Olin Juliet, a retired Israeli soldier, turned the "KIKI challenge" into "dance shooting". In the video, Juliet listens to the rhythm of the song as she gets out of the car and dances with an Israeli Tavar Trolley-free assault rifle in her hand. After walking to a white line, Juliet immediately raised his rifle and fired 5 rounds continuously, and then examined the gun skillfully.

Compared to the general "KIKI challenge" movement, Juliet's new "dance shooting" movement is much more difficult, because she is holding a real guy in her hand. But the actual look at the video can be found, Juliet's action is actually shot in a range, so there is no common "KIKI challenge" possible cause of traffic problems.

Juliet's experience as a retired female soldier shows that it is not very difficult to complete this movement, after all, there is the basis for the original training. But if some people want to imitate, they may make a big difference. For example, in the country, such as the United States, there will be some followers who learn the "dance shooting" of Juliet, which can not only cause traffic accidents, but also may cause worse shooting.

But other brain damage follow suit is not Juliet's business. The beautiful woman, who is only 24 this year, was assigned to secretarial work when she joined the Israeli army at the age of 18. But with Juliet's insistence, she finally came to a front line reconnaissance unit. Here she performs tasks while sharing photos of her patrols on social networks. Despite criticism that she showed the Israeli army's "aggressiveness," Juliet said she was proud to carry out such a mission.

Now retired Juliet has a richer role as an actor, model, boxer, netizen and so on. She has more than 300,000 fans on the optical network. In fact, when it comes to military service, it has become the choice of many beautiful Israeli soldiers, which is the most beautiful woman Gail, who makes the top of the Israeli soldier so beautiful. (the author's signature: the criticism of the military)

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