Wang Chuanmin, former deputy director of Shandong Grain Bureau, pleaded guilty to bribery 43 million 50 thousand.

Wang Chuanmin, former deputy director of Shandong Grain Bureau, pleaded guilty to bribery 43 million 50 thousand.

Original title: Wang Chuanmin, member of the former Party committee and deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Grain Bureau, held a court hearing in the first instance.

At 9 a.m. on August 1st, the intermediate people's Court of Laiwu, Shandong, opened the court in the first trial court of the hospital to hear the bribery case of Wang Chuanmin, the former party member and deputy director of the Provincial Grain Bureau. The people's Procuratorate of Laiwu city sent members to court to support public prosecution, and defendant Wang Chuanmin and his counsel came to court to take part in the proceedings.

The Laiwu Municipal People's Procuratorate charged that from 2007 to 2018, the defendant Wang Chuanmin made use of the convenience of the position of the county head of the people's Government of Zouping County, the Secretary of the Zouping County Committee of the Communist Party of China and the deputy director of the Grain Bureau of Shandong Province, or to make use of their functions and powers and status, to obtain preferential policies and to reduce the cost and exemptions of construction projects. The total amount of money or property obtained or illegally received for the benefit of others, directly or through their specific parties, in respect of job promotion, amounted to RMB 43.05 million. The criminal responsibility should be investigated with the crime of accepting bribes.

During the trial, the public prosecution agency showed the relevant evidence. The defendant, Wang Chuanmin and his defender, carried out sufficient evidence, and the two sides fully expressed their opinions around the focus of the dispute. Wang Chuanmin made a final statement, pleading guilty and repentance in court, asking the court to give a lighter punishment.

NPC deputies, CPPCC members, media reporters, defendants' relatives and some people attended the trial.

After the court hearing, the court adjourned the court to adjourn the sentence.

Source: Shandong high law WeChat public number

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