Chen Shuibian, sun shining show user: do not shake hands to return to prison (map)

Chen Shuibian, sun shining show user: do not shake hands to return to prison (map)

Original title: Chen Shuibian, sun shining show user: do not shake hands to go back to prison.

[observer network comprehensive report] according to the Taiwan "medium time electronic newspaper" reported in August 1st, the former leader of the Taiwan region, Chen Shuibian, has been entangled in many cases. Although he is still in medical treatment, he has been "very diligent" in writing, talking about Taiwan's current affairs from time to time. Although he is concerned about the "amnesty" issue, he has not received a good faith response from Taiwan's leader Cai Yingwen, but he seems to be in a bad mood. The sharp eyed Taiwan people found that he slipped his hair and slipped his cell phone and a smile on his face.

Chen Shuibian (31) yesterday (31) in social media photos, said that he "cut hair edge writing brave man language", the picture of Chen Shuibian cut a standard suit head, he left his left hand with a cell phone, the right hand moving the index finger slide cell phone, gathering the appearance of God, "fan" straight boast. Many netizens praise the hairstylist designer for his good looks. No wonder Chen Shuibian looks happy.

Taiwan public opinion often criticizes Chen Shuibian as a doctor for medical treatment. His hands are not shaking at all. As long as he sees the media lens, he is shaking, but this time may be his own hand. He seems to have no trouble in his hands. Netizens in Taiwan have criticized messages, "the sorrow of Taiwan's legal circles!" "The mobile phone is flying away, and the hand will not shake. It's time to go to jail." "Ah Bian is not the first time to pretend to be sick", "is it not known by the prosecutor of Taiwan, a cheater,", "a crime of malpractice of a medical doctor can play around, but also to talk about it." This is the miracle of Taiwan, too.

According to the observer network previously reported that the current medical treatment of Chen Shuibian in March won the Taichung prison permission to participate in the son Chen Jen to participate in the election of Kaohsiung municipal councilors, but violated the "not to power" principle, the prison in Taichung, the future of similar activities will not be approved. Luo Zhiqiang, the former Deputy Secretary General of Ma Ying-Jeou's office, said that he thought Chen Shuibian would ignore the warnings from China, because it was not what Cai Yingwen did to him.

Luo Zhiqiang believed that Chen Shuibian ignored the warning of the prisoner because Cai did not dare to do anything to him if he was right, and only stepped on the line after that. In fact, according to Taiwan's "law", not sick can be paroled for medical treatment, must be severe (sick to death) can be paroled for medical treatment. Therefore, according to Chen Shuibian's situation, in fact, he had long been inconsistent with the requirement for medical leave. The central authorities could have closed Chen Shuibian back in accordance with the law.

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