Men's driving and three wheel collision caused 4 deaths and negative responsibilities.

Men's driving and three wheel collision caused 4 deaths and negative responsibilities.

Original title: car and three rounds of collision caused 4 deaths, car owners have a negative responsibility after all the chips raised controversy.

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In July 8th, Zhongjiang County caused 4 people's death accident responsibility identification report, the tricycle driver Huang Junfu took on the main responsibility; the car driver Yang Long took the secondary responsibility. Prior to this, Yang Long raised a lot of controversy on the Internet because of the funeral expenses of all the deceased.

At about 10:40 on July 8, it was raining in the sky. A white car collided with a tricycle near Fangcao Village, Jiguang Town, Zhongjiang County. At the time of the incident, the white car went straight on the main road and collided fiercely with the oncoming tricycle.

After the incident, the white car nose seriously deformed, red tricycles seriously damaged, cars, tricycles spare parts scattered. The accident resulted in four deaths on the tricycle and one injured in the car.

The incident at 9:47 on the evening, Zhongjiang County Public Security Bureau issued a warning report, 8 on the 10 day, 40 points, in the S106 line 290KM+150M (Zhongjiang County, the town of the town of Fang Yi grass village 6), a small car and a mobile tricycle collision accident.

The accident killed four people (three men and one woman) in a tricycle and injured one passenger in a small car with minor injuries.

Controversy on car drivers' online public reparations

In July 10th, only two days after the incident, the accident responsibility has not been identified, car owner Yang Long on a public platform to release the news, to raise 200 thousand yuan to pay for the funeral of the dead. Yang Long's move caused widespread controversy.

Yang Long said in the public platform that he hoped that the social caring people helped him. He did not want to go to jail at the age of 24. He had been in a car accident as soon as he started his business. And the family's economic condition was not good. His father had already died and the compensation capacity was limited. Yang Long launched the crowd raising day, raising more than 23000 yuan.

But the crowd raised a lot of controversy on the Internet.

On July 10th, the public funding platform closed Yang Long's public funding project, saying the project did not meet the requirements. Later, Yang Long also said that at that time, he thought he was facing big compensation, and he applied for a crowd raise.

The responsibility confirmation issued the car driver's secondary responsibility.

In July 31st, Yang Long received the letter of responsibility for the accident.

The cause of the accident was identified by the letter of accident liability: the main cause of the accident was the overspeed of the motorists Huang Junfu driving the unsigned "Lavo" tricycle, not on the right road, the number of authorized passengers and the unregistered entry of the vehicle, and the driver Yang long driver's driver's driver's driver's driver's driving force F08BN7 Driving is a secondary cause of the accident. Finally, the driver Huang Junfu should bear the main responsibility for the accident; the driver Yang Long should bear the secondary responsibility for the accident.

Yang Long said he could lose hundreds of thousands of the car insurance, but the amount is not clear, and it is not known until the next step into the judicial process. Although compensation is limited, Yang Long said he would not evade responsibility.

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