Turkey warns against the US: legal measures will be taken to prevent F35 supply.

Turkey warns against the US: legal measures will be taken to prevent F35 supply.

According to the Russian TASS report on July 31st, the largest newspaper in Turkey, Sabah, said that Ibrahim Karin, President of Turkey's El Da - an news, said in July 31st that F-35 was an international project. If any measures were taken to prevent the supply of F-35, Turkey would take legal measures.

American fifth generation fighter F-35

El, President of Turkey, announced in July 29th that if the United States refused to supply the F-35 fighters purchased by Ankara, Turkey would make a lawsuit to the international arbitration court. He also stressed that in the purchase of fighter aircraft, Turkey "can consider the F-35 replacement project". Weiss Mitchell, the United States assistant secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia, warned Turkey on June 26th that the procurement of Russian S-400 air defense missile systems would cause the United States to impose sanctions and a qualitative change in relations between the two countries. In addition, Mitchell also stressed that the United States could refuse to deliver the F-35 fighters that had been purchased to Turkey.

President El of Turkey

According to Turkey's NTV television, President Carlin also pointed out that tensions between Turkey and the United States had no impact on the use of the road map of the United States and Turkey in Syria, Syria, which should be evacuated from the northern part of Syria.

In addition to the delivery of F-35 fighters, Turkey is prepared to respond to possible sanctions imposed by the United States in the case of the priest Andrew Brensen. Carlin said that the investigation of the Peren case continued, and Turkey would respect the court's verdict and, of course, would not allow anyone to order a judge to make a decision. If this happened, Turkey had its own plan. He added that diplomatic contacts on the issue continued and Turkey hoped that any dispute over the brand could be carried out in the diplomatic framework.

The arrested American clergyman, Andrew Brunson

Earlier Tuesday, the Turkey court dismissed Brunson's lawyer's request to cancel the house arrest of Brunson. The United States has made a sharp criticism of the decision of the Turkey court, and President Donald Trump has previously said that Washington would impose sanctions on Turkey if he could not return to the United States.

Turkey's president's spokesman, Carlin, said Turkey's foreign minister, Charles jassoru, and Secretary of state Pompeio, will hold a telephone conversation this weekend. "We suggest that the US leadership avoid measures that may harm or impede (these contacts)." In addition, he also said that Turkey president Erdogan and U.S. President Trump "do not plan to hold talks in the next few days". (Editor: HHJ)

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