A lot of founders respond to fake media: seemingly sincere, still perfunctory.

A lot of founders respond to fake media: seemingly sincere, still perfunctory.

Original title: Huang Zheng did not respond to everything

After the listing, many companies will fall into public opinion.

After a lot of listing, the search index is much larger than that listed. The WeChat index showed that in July 30th, the WeChat search index rose by 87.06% to its peak in a few days. Huang was "surprised" about it.

Circle of friends, micro-blog about a lot of Duo, ridicule all over the sky. Huang believes that this is a wave of deliberate public opinion attacks. He issued an internal letter that "malicious attacks" came on the second day, "consumer oriented, not competition oriented." Accordingly, Pingduo said it was launching a report to the National Internet Center and the details would be released to the whole society at the right time.

In July 31st, after a lot of co - founders responded to recent hot spots, Huang Zheng, who was not on the list, suddenly appeared in the office and talked to the media for nearly three hours, hoping to "be honest." This is the first time Huang has spent so much time communicating with the media himself.

Affected by the overall downside of the US stock market, the stock price once fell 8.6%, closing up 0.4% to 22.59 US dollars.

  黄峥终于对外界的抨击展现出了足够的重视,但对于拼多多的许多本质问题,一次回应是远远不够的。 The future development of the platform, positioning and implementation of anti-counterfeiting is the answer.

1. About counterfeiting

In the 2017 report on the protection of consumers' rights and interests, a lot of data were given to such a group of data.

The platform below the shelf 10 million 700 thousand items of goods, intercepting 4000 infringement links, the initiative to delete goods is the 125 times the right person complaints, combined more than 400 brands to obtain evidence and play fake. Huang has repeatedly said in many interviews that cracking down on counterfeiting is what he has been doing since he was founded.

Huang Zheng intends to combine more false fighting with ALI. "A lot of people questioned a lot but did not question Taobao (how it started), which has shown how forgetful our society is:"

Huang was asked most about the problem of counterfeiting attitude. He said:

Today, in fact, the issue of Shanzhai and fake goods mixed together, when the public opinion is further improved, all the business problems have become a fake problem, in the case of fake goods, our attitude has been very bright, never hesitated. We should also look back at what we really care about and what is speculation.

From my point of view, I think first of all to distinguish the nature of things, some are wrong, and some are interests, these two things are different.

I think like Dayu and Yu, you can't rely on plugging and dredging, because so many panels are there, so many factories are there, to give it a good environment to lead it to good places.

In the end, Huang stressed the point, "whether it is capable of solving the industry problem, the one side down to a lot, we think it is very unfair for the three year old."

It is an indisputable fact that you are three years old. Even after three years of emphasis, it has become a NASDAQ listed companies. The fast growing, massive company has 1 million 700 thousand businesses, hundreds of millions of goods on the platform, and 340 million consumers, with annual sales of more than about 260000000000 yuan. A lot of volume is running on the way to catch up with ALI Jingdong.

"Three years old" should not be a pretext to avoid more responsibilities. Now China's e-commerce market has been educated, it is impossible to think of Taobao as early as to make enough trial and error space and time, people in accordance with the standards and requirements of the current e-commerce, to demand a new business on the market is reasonable. Whether it's a lot of spells, or whether it's three days or three days.

Compared to Taobao's fake history, we will find that the same is the US stock listed company. In the last four years, the Alibaba has been accused by the AAFA, accused of too many fake goods, and each accusation and mouth water war will lead to the volatility of the Alibaba's stock price.

In the process of globalization, Ali is facing a very complicated problem of intellectual property protection. Beginning in the second half of 2015, Alibaba began to pay attention to counterfeiting. In December 2015, it announced the establishment of "platform governance Department" and appointed Zheng Junfang to take the lead. The number of counterfeiting people from the initial 200 people to Ma Yun said later, "the number of fake investment is unlimited, no capital ceiling."

With the consciousness and promotion from top to bottom, Alibaba counterfeiting gradually see results, the platform established a rapid response mechanism, began to plug the combination. On the one hand, we should improve the platform mechanism and remove it from the Internet; on the other hand, we should promote the original industry in China. Recent materials show that the number of Ali platform governance department is over 2000.

It can be seen that on the issue of counterfeiting, there are many traces of learning Taobao everywhere. Counterfeiting is a matter of great manpower and material resources. We should distinguish between "low price" and "fake". No matter how loud the slogan cries, there is still a lot of "Shanzhai" goods on the multi - platform. It has a great relationship with the beginning of the wider strategy. It is a long way to solve this problem. Instead of finding out what problems public opinion finds, the platform will immediately make rectification.

Back ten thousand steps, even now Taobao, Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms still have fake goods, the whole business industry does not solve the problem of counterfeit goods, and it should not be a pretext for overindulging counterfeit goods.

2. About milk powder

Food safety is the lifeline. When it comes to the problem of milk powder, Huang herself said that if infants and young children eat the problem of milk powder, the problem will be more serious, because they can not say.

On the Internet, a picture of "Beingmate red milk powder of 888 yuan in the original price of 7.5 yuan is sold on a multi platform," the outside world questioned more about the sale of fake milk powder and expired milk powder.

The co - founder dada explained that the price of 7.5 yuan is the price of chrysanthemum, which is not the price of milk powder. The price of milk powder is 19.9 yuan, and the price of the same type of Taobao net is consistent with the price of the same type. This kind of milk powder is called "milk powder in the interim" in China, so the price is low, accounting for about 20% of the sales of the whole milk powder industry.

He also said that for the infant milk powder, more and more will be forced to mark the term "facing" in the future, and prompt the time to expire, in order to remind consumers to buy carefully and go down before the real expiration date.

Huang Zheng also said, "the milk on schedule is OK in terms of rules. But I'm not a professional, and now I can't tell everyone about a half - month milk powder that is due to expire, and the milk powder that is due one and a half years will not increase from the risk of eating. This is a problem.

Interface reporters found that after the public opinion disturbance, the original platform on the "low-cost" milk were all marked with a sign of temporary milk.

The problem of milk powder is not exactly the same as the milk powder on the stage. We really can not imagine that if 9.9 of the products involved in infant food, what serious consequences it will cause.

In the evening of July 31st, the interface news reporter interviewed a lot of consumers, who had bought a German Aptamil milk powder (love of the United States), and the average price of the Jingdong was over 100 yuan, and the price was less than 30 yuan. Customer service guarantees that the milk powder is genuine, and that it will deliver from the "bonded warehouse", but the shipping address is displayed in a county town in Nanyang.

If the platform has really done spot checks, it will not allow such milk powder to circulate on the platform. I don't know whether Huang Zheng's milk powder is a question of right or wrong, or a matter of interest.

3. SKYWORTH activist

Wang Zhiguo, chairman of Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd., issued a statement after the listing of Pingduo, saying that the goods on Pingduo were fake and inferior.

In the afternoon of the 31st media communication meeting, Dada hinted to the media that Skyworth was under pressure from some big platforms to make such a statement. He also said that Skyworth had cooperated with Pingduo before, and issued a cooperative chat record and Skyworth's operating license uploaded on Pingduo multi-platform.

In response to this statement, Wang Zhiguo in SKYWORTH's 2018 new product strategic conference in response to the said, and collage a lot of cooperation is true, but many aspects of the fight has not been under the shelves of counterfeit products, so the commodity shelves.

Now we are searching for the key word "SKYWORTH", and we can still find SKYWORTH products.

On July 30, Tianfeng retail climbed the sales data of home appliances in 30 trading days up to July 27 and analyzed the top 100 SKUs. According to the data of the sky wind, in the TOP100 goods in the household appliance sales, the total volume of the first 30 trading days was 79 million 230 thousand yuan, and the sales volume was 137 thousand and 100. There were 39 commodities suspected of counterfeiting the brand, the total sales of the 39 brands accounted for 57.82% and the sales volume accounted for 63.37%.

Dada sneered at the analysis: "The data is wrong, if it is so easy to pick up the data, spell as much as so many technicians will be wasted."

Attached to the SKYWORTH rights time line:

In June 17, 2018, SKYWORTH was playing a lot of online flagship stores.

In June 20, 2018, the director of SKYWORTH's electricity supplier visited a lot, and the two sides set up a working group to discuss systematically the docking.

In July 26, 2018, many companies listed on the same day, SKYWORTH did not make any communication, suddenly off shelves of all goods.

In July 28, 2018, SKYWORTH issued a statement of rights protection aimed at many spenders.

4. A large number of Vivi, millet new products, SONY new products and other infringement problems.

In manufacturing, this phenomenon has a more professional term called "white card machine". A simple understanding refers to the brand phone or PC and other commodities produced by some small manufacturers.

In response to this question, dada responded that "even Taobao still has a white card."

Huang Zheng defines these products as "traffic flow". In his view, this is the commonality of the whole industry. He gave two examples:

One is that Duan Yongping used to have a company called BBK. But there is a BBK retail brand, I have seen, very good people, very good business, if he made this BBK, no one think it is a Shanzhai.

The other is Jordan, which is a question of the contention of a right person. If the Chinese Jordan brand is very good and does as well as Adidas, this time the problem has evolved into a IP dispute, that is what Jordan I can't have.

Why is there so much surplus capacity in China? 80% of Amazon's products are from China, so no matter which industry will have surplus capacity. In this product, the phenomenon of traffic flow is particularly serious, because brand concentration is particularly high.

I think fake goods are much less than imagined, but the problem of Shanzhai is always hard.

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