The US sky air force bypassed the Congress and set up a shelf department.

The US sky air force bypassed the Congress and set up a shelf department.

[article / observer Wang Shi Chun] although the US Congress did not allocate a cent to the space forces in the 2019 national defense authorization act. But the US forces have "done it themselves" this week. The first step out of the formation of the space forces: they bypass the Congress and set up several shelves. In spite of the contradictions between the military and the technical questions, the American space army was still "struggling", but for Trump, the space army he was thinking about was the beginning of the The Pentagon.

Set up a shelf

In June 18th, President Trump Trump announced that the The Pentagon was required to establish the "space army" to become the sixth independent armed forces of the United States following the Navy, air force, army, Marine Corps and coast guard. But the plan is now subject to opposition from all walks of life in the United States. The first of all is the United States Congress: the US Congress not only did not pass the bill for the establishment of the space army, and did not grant the space command on the 2019 Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), only to support the establishment of a "strategic command" affiliated with the United States. "Space command".

But the US Army has also avoided Congress and began to raise the space army "build the army" within the permit: the US Army plans to set up several space forces in the next few months: a new space operations command, a new joint agency for the military to buy satellites, and a space operation from all services. The new personnel department of the staff.

Trump signed the presidential order of space forces: East IC

Although these departments were established, they could not operate independently without the authorization of Congress and without independent facilities and financial powers.

From the "command"

Supporters of the space force are pushing for the legitimacy of the space force, which they believe should be an independent service directly under the Ministry of Defense. Ministry of defense officials plan to develop a legislative proposal on the government's support for the establishment of space forces in 2018. The proposal will be submitted to Parliament as early as next year as part of the Trump administration's 2020 budget plan.

The special warfare command, directly under the The Pentagon, is responsible for the overall use and development of the United States special war forces. It is a source of the advanced nature of the United States special operations theory: the United States special war command.

The US support for the space forces program is trying to convince Congress. Patrick Shanahan (Patrick Shanahan), Vice Minister of Defense (Patrick), presented a 14 page report to Congress on Wednesday (August 1st) to explain the significance of the space Army: "the Ministry of defense is building a space force to protect our economy by curbing malicious activities to ensure that our space system is full. Adequate national security requirements and important capabilities for joint and joint forces in various conflicts. The Ministry of defense will usher in a new era of space technology and new systems to prevent, stop, reduce, destroy or manipulate the strength of American rivals to protect the interests, assets and lifestyles of the United States, when necessary... This new era will promote American industrial progress, expand the commercial economy of space, and strengthen partnerships with our allies.

Although it seems to be a big target, this draft is mostly the US Army's "cake". Compared to these empty cheque, the US Army set up the space army to achieve other goals, which seems to be at the level of the space army. The draft indicates that the new space command will be the eleventh independent headquarters of the United States. He will be directly subordinate to the Department of defense, with the status of the United States combat command. Similarly, a four-star general will directly lead the command, and he will supervise the entire space forces of the whole army. This means that the US Army will have forty-first four-star generals, all of whom will increase the probability of being 2.5%.

General Lemmens Thomas, the four star general, leads the United States joint special operations command, and the new space army will have the same level as the United States' huge special war force.

In addition to the high-level level, as a newly established "military service", he needs to have combat personnel. The U.S. military also plans to recruit personnel from the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Reserves, Civilian and Social Elite to form a new space force.

"Similar to the establishment of the special operations command, the United States needs to set up a new department." The draft is written.

These people, like the special war Corps under the special war headquarters of the year, will be deployed abroad quickly after the establishment, with the goal of deploying the "space expert group" to the European Command and the United States headquarters before next summer to respond to the recent American passion for "great power conflicts".

Rob the air force's rice bowl

In addition to the upper level, the space force will also change the allocation of space resources between the various arms of the United States. The draft report indicates a dramatic change in the purchase, launch and development of new satellite technologies in The Pentagon. The new space army command will increase the speed of the purchase of satellites, emphasize the importance of the experiment, and change the culture of the organization. It also plans to give private space companies a bigger role to play in bringing demand, regulation and compliance to the centre as commercial and government entities.

The US Army plans to establish a new joint office, known as the Space Development Agency, to monitor new satellite development and space launch contracts.

That means the Space Force will grab the Air Force's "job" and the Space and Missile Systems Center, which is part of the Air Force, is now responsible for 85% of U.S. satellite purchases. The United States plans to transfer resources from space and missile system centers to space forces after the establishment of space forces. But before the move, the Air Force will generally be responsible for the development and purchase of existing projects, while the Space Force will be looking at future projects in the short term.

At present, the United States has many independent arms but also a cooperative space launches. The air force has a space center in Colorado, California and Florida. Army and Missile Defense Agency, the United States Army and the Army Missile Defense Agency (Agency), has been deployed in Huntsville (Huntsville), Alabama, which is known as the "Rocket City" for playing an important role in the US Space Agency (NASA) and the military space program. The city is also known as the "The Pentagon of the South" because it is highly concentrated in the civilian staff of the Ministry of defense. The Navy also has its own launch center.

Data map: Henry Ville

The unidentified space Army

As space operations become more and more important, the US Congress has begun to debate the significance of a new independent army. Since last year's congressional members proposed a controversial plan to set up a new army since the US Marine Corps and Navy proposed to add a space army to the air force, the space army will affect existing personnel changes and resource allocation, including the air force minister appointed by Kut Trump. The Pentagon leaders are basically against this move. But in recent months, President Trump has personally promoted the construction of the space force and expressed his desire for space forces.

Even in the end of the cold war, the United States, with the huge demand for space operations, did not get an independent space army to figure out that the F-15 fighter was launching an anti satellite ASM-135 missile.

Even the US Defense Secretary Matisse, appointed by Trump, opposed the establishment of the space force. Marine-born Matisse pointed out that the military was focusing on reducing spending and integrating joint operations capabilities, and therefore opposed the creation of additional military units.

Because Matisse will become space marine.

This week, the US Air Force asked for time and space forces to change from "a few satellite constellations" to "building a network on the low - earth orbit of commercial satellites in low - cost technology". This means that the US Air Force will use low cost satellite technology to launch a large number of satellite construction networks in the near future, which means more satellite procurement and innovation in satellite technology. The US Air Force thinks it is not lack of technology and does not want people from other departments to give the satellite purchase. U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, who opposed the creation of the space force, said space fighters were the core of combat effectiveness. We will do the right thing for the country if we pay attention to the problem of talent cultivation and do not pay attention which place they belong to in The Pentagon.

Apart from the division of power struggles, technical issues are second obstacles to the establishment of the space Army: technically, the United States does not need an independent space army.

The United States does not need a unified space combat department to co-ordinate development, because the development of the air force or the land and Navy satellite is still on the normal track, and it is not behind the times. In recent years, the US Air Force has made many changes in its space weapons to resist the anti satellite weapons of Russia and China.

But although Congress does not support the establishment of an independent space army, it does not want the air force to develop an increasingly important air force, said Todd Harrison, director of the air security project at the US think tank strategy and international research center, "this can be considered as a preparatory work for the space army. Stripping the air force's space forces is more beneficial for the air force to adjust its focus of construction. " This means that Congress, which has always opposed Russia, does not want its air force to be renamed "the air force."

For all walks of life, the meaning of the space army is not clear, and the space army's initiator, Trump, has a simple definition: the space army is a symbol of our space status.

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