Women and alumni parties were forced to lie on the bed for more than 10 days without bathing.

Women and alumni parties were forced to lie on the bed for more than 10 days without bathing.

Source: Chengdu commercial newspaper

Original title: Bazhong 28 year old woman and alumni meeting was pressed on the bed, borrow more than 10 days without bath, quietly alarm

For many years, the junior middle school alumni, who met in the Bazhong Nyang district during the Spring Festival, met with two people during the Spring Festival. One of them was 5 years in prison for rape.

At present, Yu Mou was arrested on suspicion of rape by the people's Procuratorate of the Yang Yang District.

The woman was not caught in the guesthouse after the alarm.

At about 5 p. m. on February 13, 2018, the police station of the Bazhong Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau received a call from the police station to the police station. In the telephone, a man said that one of his female friends was deceived to a hotel in the District of en Yang District. After handling the relevant information, the case police immediately drove to the guesthouse.

Police found a man and a woman in the hotel, the man naked upper body, facing the police questioning, the man said, "This is my girlfriend." However, the woman wrapped in a towel said, "Don't listen to him, we're not boyfriends," and said she was almost raped.

The man insisted that the two men were friends and did not have any rape. In the face of constant questioning by the police, the man insisted that xiaomou deliberately set him up.

"From the WeChat chat record, it is only a simple friend or classmate in the old, can not be like a man and woman in the same room, one in the bath, and the other person has no taboo." Wei Zijie, deputy chief of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the public security sub Bureau of the en Yang District, introduced the road.

Ceng Xiaoquan, deputy director of the Ministry of public security, analysis, from the investigation of the investigators, the waiter heard the man in the room, a woman's call for help. If there is no violation, a normal person will not call for help in the room. Secondly, the neck and hands of the injured women had obvious scratches through forensic examination on that day.

Through various clues, the police believed that Yu Mou's behavior already constituted the crime, belonged to attempted rape, the man was caught on the spot.

After the alumni meeting, the women in the hotel were almost violated.

Asked by the police, the victim, Xiao Mou, is 28 years old and works in Shandong all the year round. Before the Spring Festival, the junior middle school friend who lost more than 10 years of contact has suddenly added her WeChat. In WeChat, he told himself to work in Hainan, because he was going back to his hometown for the Spring Festival. The two people who had not seen it for many years were together in nyang.  

On the afternoon of February 13, 2018, they went to a teahouse in Enyang District for a while to drink tea, Yu said he would go to the toilet, and then called Xiao to a hotel to wait for him.

Although Xiao Mou was full of suspiciously, he still hid himself at the door of the hotel. Yu Mou called Xiao Mou to have a rest, said that she had sent her home after dinner, and xiaomou went upstairs half way up.  

According to Xiao, when the two people entered the room, they were sitting on their stool and playing with their phones. It was said that he had not taken a bath for more than two weeks and had to take a bath. After more than 10 minutes, he took a shower and sat down to the side of Shaw, "he touched my hand, then he pressed me to the bed, and he tried to bite him when he wanted to take off my clothes. He didn't stop after he bit him, and then I cried for help, and he began to cover my mouth and pinch my neck.

The police said that at the time, the waitress in the next door of cleaning heard Xiao's call for help. When he stopped his work and listened carefully, he did not hear any sound again, so he turned and left.  

"I don't think it's going to work either, and then I'll tell him that I haven't had a bath for more than ten days. Take a bath first. He said well, he waited for me to take a bath. " Xiaomou quietly carried his cell phone to the bathroom and sent a short message to his friend for help.

After more than 20 minutes in the bathroom, Xiao had to go out of the bathroom and continue to find ways and means to pull it out, delay the time, wait for the police to rescue himself, and the police rushed to the hotel when it was a quick loss of patience.

Men were sentenced to 5 years for rape because of three criminal offense.

Through the police investigation, it is known that there is a bottom of a case. Yu was once released from prison early last year for three criminal offense. It is known that a first crime was sentenced to six years of imprisonment for intentional injury; the second was sentenced to five years of imprisonment for rape in 2010, and the third was in 2016 in Hainan for more than a year for intentional injury.

At present, Yu Mou was arrested on suspicion of rape by the people's Procuratorate of the Yang Yang District.  

Chengdu commercial newspaper client reporter Zhang Yang

Responsible editor: Gui Qiang

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