Russian 14 year old girl was killed by her mother's death. She lied to her for cancer only 2 meals a week.

Russian 14 year old girl was killed by her mother's death. She lied to her for cancer only 2 meals a week.

Original title: only two meals a week, but also cheat cancer, 14 year old girl was killed by her mother.

A 14 year old girl in Russia, Vitoria (Viktoria), was cheated by his 37 year old mother Day Mia Nova (Oksana Demiyanova), calling it cancer and diabetes, eating only 2 meals to Vitoria a week, causing Vitoria to starve to death.

According to reports, damiananwa only ate 2 meals a week for Vitoria, which led to Vitoria becoming thin and thin. Day Mia Nova also lied to her that it was because she suffered from cancer and diabetes that she would remain thin. Vitoria died recently, with only 28 kilograms of weight left at the time of death. However, the police pointed out that there was no disease in Vitoria and the cause of death was severe malnutrition.

Students in Vitoria have pointed out that since May this year, Vitoria has seen a lot of thin and thin, Vitoria told people that they had cancer and diabetes, and her mother told her that hunger could help her recover. One of the classmates, Anastasia, said that when Day Mia Nova took Vitoria to school to meet his teacher, he said Vitoria had to eat only once a week or two times. Anastasia's parents said they thought Vitoria was too stressed by exams.

Day Mia Nova's neighbors said that Damiano was very strange. She had been wearing black sunglasses around her scarf and never greeting anyone, looking very depressed. Victoria, on the other hand, was lovely and courteous. She had many friends, but Damiano never allowed her friends to enter her apartment.

It is reported that the school teacher once informed Damianova about Victoria's thin, but Damianova only asked Victoria's academic performance. After Day Mia Nova was arrested, he insisted that his daughter was too fat to laugh at her classmates. As for cheating on her daughter for cancer, Diamienova would not say much. She stressed to the outside world: "The legend is not true, I really love my daughter."

Police are planning to investigate teachers and neighbours further as they witness Victoria's emaciation without further rescue action.

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