Purple light chairman Zhao Weiguo enlightened chairman Wang Jiwu resigned as Tsinghua holding director

Purple light chairman Zhao Weiguo enlightened chairman Wang Jiwu resigned as Tsinghua holding director

Original Title: Exclusive: Zhao Weiguo, Chairman of Ziguang and Wang Jiwu, Chairman of Enlightenment

News of the new Beijing News (reporter Zhao Yibo) August 1st, the new Beijing News reporter from Qinghua holdings exclusive learned, because of the work adjustment, Zhao Weiguo and Wang Jiwu have resigned as Tsinghua holding director, Li Yan and Li Zhiqiang holding the holding director of Tsinghua.

In August 1st, Tsinghua holdings told the new Beijing News reporter that we were the director of Tsinghua holdings by the party secretary of the Zi Guang group, the chairman of Tsinghua holdings because of the "one job double responsibility", and Zhao Weiguo was no longer the director of Tsinghua holdings as chairman of Tsinghua group.

The public information shows that Li Yan and the Secretary of the Party committee of the purple light group have appeared publicly in the near future, while Li Zhiqiang has appeared openly as the Secretary of the Party committee of Kai di.

The public resume shows, Li Yan and Mr., born in October 1956, Party members, master, graduated from the Department of electronic engineering of Tsinghua University, Professor of Tsinghua University and a doctorate tutor. He is currently a professor at Tsinghua University and chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Tsinghua Holdings Limited.

CV shows Li Zhiqiang, born in June 1962, master of engineering and professor of Tsinghua University. In 1985, he graduated from the Department of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering of Tsinghua University, now the vice chairman of the Cmi Holdings Ltd, the Secretary of the Party committee, and the director of the Management Committee of Tsinghua Science Park.

Tsinghua holdings is the largest school run enterprise in China. According to the official website, Tsinghua Holdings Limited (Tsinghua Holdings) is a state-owned limited liability company funded by the State Council on the basis of the integration of Tsinghua industry and approved by the State Council. It was established in September 2003 with a registered capital of 2 billion 500 million yuan. Tsinghua holdings ranked 163rd in the top 500 of Chinese enterprises in 2017, and the strength of R & D was ranked seventh in the top 500 of Chinese enterprises in 2017. The industry of Tsinghua holdings covers the scientific and technological industry (integrated circuit, energy environmental protection, life health), innovation service, science and Technology Finance, creative industry and online teaching and education group, operating the same shares. Share, purple light group, enlightened holdings, Cheng Zhi shares four major comprehensive groups.

Zhao Weiguo, director of Tsinghua Holdings Limited, is a leading figure in the chip industry in recent years.

According to the introduction, Mr. Zhao Weiguo is currently the chairman of the purple light group. In 1996, after graduating from Zhao Weiguo's master's degree, he joined the purple light group as the deputy general manager of the Automation Engineering Department of the purple light group. In 1997, Zhao Weiguo became general manager of Tongfang electronics, another company under Tsinghua University.

In 2004, Zhao Weiguo founded the Kun group, a private enterprise, to invest in IT, natural gas and real estate. In 2009, Zhao Weiguo's Kun Kun Group invested 49% stake in purple light group and became president and chairman. In March 2015, Zhao Weiguo promised to donate 70% of his personal wealth to Tsinghua University.

Under the leadership of Mr. Zhao Weiguo, the purple light group, under the leadership of Mr. Zhao Weiguo, has made remarkable achievements in the past 6 years, and has spent nearly $6 billion in acquiring companies with global influence, such as the acquisition of the news, the anatase, and the three communications in China. In the media coverage, Zhao Weiguo has the name of "merger madman".

For Zhao Weiguo, this is the second most important position in the near future.

In April 8th, the two listed companies under the purple light group, the purple light shares and the purple light state announcement, received a written resignation report submitted by Zhao Weiguo, chairman of the company. Zhao Weiguo applied for the job of resigning the director and chairman of the company because of his busy work. After his resignation, Zhao Weiguo no longer holds any position in the company.

According to reports, Zhao Weiguo personally said in the circle of Weixin friends: "It is really too busy, listed companies procedural work too much. Thank you for your concern. I am always with violet light. My post is in the purple light group.

The personnel adjustment brought about by Zhao Weiguo's resignation as two listed companies is continuing.

At that time, the board also said that the board of directors received the holding shareholder Tibet purple light Chunhua Investment Co., Ltd. "a letter on nominating the candidate of the director and calling for a temporary proposal to increase the general meeting of shareholders", nominating Mr. Li Ming as a non independent director of the sixth board of the company (Jane calendar see Annex), tenure with the company Sixth. The term of term of the session of the board of directors is unanimous.

In July 21st, the purple light state core (now called the purple light state micro) reissued the announcement that, according to the unified arrangement of the purple light group, Mr. Li Ming resigned as chairman, director of the sixth board of directors of the company and members of the Committee of the board of directors of the board of directors of the board of directors and the board of directors of the board of directors and the board of directors of the board of directors and the board of directors of the board of directors, according to the unified arrangement of the purple light group. At the same time, the board of directors received the controlling shareholder, Tibet purple Chunhua Investment Co., Ltd., "a letter on nominating the candidates for the director of the microelectronic Limited by Share Ltd of the violet state," and nominated Mr. Diao Shijing as a candidate for the director of the company.

Public information shows that Diao Shi Jing is currently the co president of purple light group and served as director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information.

In addition to Zhao Wei, Wang Jiwu, the outgoing director of Tsinghua holdings, is also a capable officer in Tsinghua system.

The resume shows that Mr. Wang Jiwu, a Jiangsu sentence man, was enrolled at the Tsinghua University School of economics and management in 1988, and received a master's degree in economics and business administration. Incumbent Kai di Cmi Holdings Ltd chairman, once served in Beijing real estate development and management company, Hongkong Beijing holding group, Hongkong Jingtai industrial group and other units.

Wang Jiwu is an important scholar in financial and corporate management and has a unique creative thinking in the above field. His related papers are concerned with the financial times and other overseas financial media, and have been selected by Peking University as "the best business case of the year in China" and were selected as the Tsinghua University MB A teaching materials.

At present, Wang Jiwu is promoting the implementation of the restructuring of enlightened holdings.

Recently, Kai Di holding held a seminar on the innovation and development of listed companies. The meeting was co chaired by Chairman Wang Ji Wu, chairman of Kai Di holding reform and development working group, and Secretary Li Zhiqiang. The leaders of Wang Jiwu and Li Zhiqiang communicated to the participants the progress of the reform and development of Kai Di holding holdings. The preliminary confirmation of the direction of reform and development is that the Tsinghua University will continue to deepen the reform of the mixed ownership and market reform of the enlightening holding holdings, and introduce a "right account" with the Tsinghua University and the company to the company. To develop the strategic shareholders with important value, together with the Tsinghua University, we will continue to support and promote the development of the enlightening holding. At the same time, many important investment institutions with state-owned capital are introduced. After the reform, the state-owned capital will not be less than 51% of the state-owned capital, and the state-owned enterprises turn from "pipe assets" to "capital capital". "The goal of reform."

Chairman Wang Jiwu said that after the completion of the reform, the capital strength will be further strengthened and the mechanism will be more in line with the development direction of modern enterprises. The newly introduced strategic shareholders will bring many resources to the holding holdings, which will enlighten the holding and subordinate enterprises to usher in a new round of innovation and development.

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