In order to become "net red" voluntary loan cosmetic surgery "routine loan" eyeing the female anchor.

In order to become

Original title: in order to become "net red" voluntary loan cosmetic surgery "routine loan" eyeing the female anchor.

Recruitment, cosmetic, loan, part-time KTV... The recruitment of female anchors is a series of links

In the first half of 2018, the direct seeding market still stood in the tuyere. According to the data of China direct seeding resources service platform, the first half of the first half of the six platforms, such as fish fighting, a live broadcast, and other 1 million 437 thousand and 900 main platforms, reached 4 billion 703 million 200 thousand, of which the host's income was up to 27 million 30 thousand for half a year.

There are so many local tyrants on the big live platforms that they can reward hundreds of thousands of thousands of times. These give the girl who loves beauty and yearn for flowers and applause a night of unrealistic fantasy. Open any social software, search for "host Recruitment" will immediately pop up tens of thousands of information, including the "monthly entry is not a dream," "tube eating, not huge ugly" such a very attractive condition.

Is it really so simple? Those live companies are targeting college students and graduates who are in the middle of the world, seize their longing for fame weakness, promise "free plastic", and lure them into a trap.

In the end, young girl "net red" did not take it, but carried a debt. Until the window came out, the chain of interest was gradually uncovered.

Middle Bureau of the set

Recently, police in Beijing cracked a case of a female anchor who was beguiled by a live company to loan for cosmetic surgery.

In February 2018, the criminal investigation team of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau found that the resplendent flourishing (Beijing) International Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., located in Dongcheng District, Beijing (hereinafter referred to as "dazzling flourishing age"), was suspected of recruiting female anchors, and promised to set up a hedge fraud on the pretext of "net red" after a micro plastic surgery. Criminal acts.

From July to November last year, Brilliant Shine posted a large number of job advertisements on the Internet in the name of different companies, promising high salaries and free packaging and plastic surgery for female anchors. Not only can they make money but also become beautiful. Many girls are heartbeat.

When they come to apply for a job, the company suggests that it needs a little bit of a minute to achieve the best mirror effect and brainwash them: "you can get a lot of gifts and make a lot of money just a little bit." So the company will be these motivated candidates unified pulled to Beijing Chaoyang District Jianwai SOHO Jimei beauty clinic for cosmetic surgery.

In contrast to the commitment, the free facelift requires the applicant to pay the loan first, and the company will help it repay the loan after the company's quota is completed. The applicant told the police that at that time, the staff of the beauty salon were directly carrying their ID cards, mobile phones and bank cards to carry out the application to the net loan company for the medical beauty installment loan.

The beauty salon and the live broadcast company have long been colluded.

As a result of poor management, Jimei's famous beauty clinic found a bright world, and the two sides made a snapshot and designed a trap to recruit female anchors from the resplendent world to the beauty salon, and the two sides jointly tricked the female anchors to handle the installment loan. 50% days or second days of the money flowed back to the shining accounts.

Plastic surgery costs 30,000, 50,000 yuan, not the uniform price of this beauty salon, but according to the applicant's loan quota.

In the process of live broadcasting, the anchorwoman who dreamed of stars found that the so-called "simple" work quota originally agreed upon was simply impossible to accomplish. If the task is not completed, the company will not only give them plastic loans, nor can these girls make money.

"Net red" dream broken, still owe a debt. The desperate girl fell into another set of glorious times, and the company sent female anchors who could not pay their debts to some KTV jobs to make money to pay their debts.

Live companies, beauty clinics, and even KTV have become the beneficiaries of the "hedge" interest chain. At this point, the female anchors step by step into the middle of their carefully designed Bureau.

According to the media, according to media reports, a company named star Yao, a company designed by star yew film and television, is the same company as the above - mentioned company in this summer vacation. A girl's so-called star dream is a dream.

72 change of "hedge"

The above cases are typical "routine loan" scams, which are premeditated and closely concealed. Many of the victims were initially unaware of their "routines" and were eventually alerting the police after they could not repay their debts. This also shows that young people who have just entered society are still weak in law consciousness.

The key to this "routine" lies in its legal coat, and every aspect seems reasonable and legitimate. After that, it is not so easy to find things.

Live broadcasting companies, lenders and plastic surgery clinics have legal relations only with the victim, and have no legal relations with other subjects. Gao Heng, a law firm in Liaoning, said that the multi-layer legal relationship between the parties was difficult to judge and could not be directly defined as a crime in the case of insufficient evidence. This is also the victim's report at the beginning of the case, and the reason why the police refused to file the case.

Lawyers believe that filing a case is indeed related to the number of reported cases and the amount of money each person has been cheated, but the key lies in whether the case involves the constituent elements of the crime. In the process of investigation, if the public security organ finds that the case does not constitute a fictitious fact, conceals the truth and causes the victim to produce false cognition, it can not be regarded as a fraud.

The essence of the facelift is that the direct seeding company colluded with the beauty clinic, the fact that the direct seeding company fictitiated the recruitment of the host, and deceived the "anchor" loan for cosmetic surgery and promised to repay the loan. After that, the live broadcast companies and beauty clinics gain illegal benefits.

The lawyer reminds you that the mobile phone itself belongs to a media product. If it operates the net loan business directly on it, the law will be regarded as a kind of approval and consent of me. Therefore, we must protect good media products and personal information, enhance the awareness of law. Job seekers should be carefully selected according to their own actual situation when they participate in the Internet recruitment. They should be vigilant for the recruitment posts which exaggerate the salary and set up the conditions of employment, so as to avoid falling into the "routine" fraud.

Internet lending industry insiders believe that the popularity of "routine lending" and irregular lending institutions too many also have a great relationship. "The low threshold of loans and the simplification of audit procedures also provide an opportunity for lawless elements." He said.

Gao Heng stressed that the most important way to deal with it is not to be greedy and petty. The bigger the cake and the bigger the trap, the less expensive and rewarding thing to do. As long as we are not blinded by greed, there will be no soil for survival.

Comprehensive Shanghai Securities Daily and Legal Daily.

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