GREE set up two academician workstations! Dong Mingzhu: hope to cultivate 10 Academicians

GREE set up two academician workstations! Dong Mingzhu: hope to cultivate 10 Academicians

Original title: GREE set up two academicians' workstation! Dong Mingzhu: hope to cultivate 10 academicians among employees

Source: Nanfang network

Reporter Liang Han

On the morning of July 31, the Academician Workstation for Building Energy Conservation and the Academician Workstation for Motor and Control were opened in Zhuhai. Dong Mingzhu, chairman and President of Gree Electric, said he hoped to train 10 academicians among more than 12,000 R&D personnel through two academician workstations.

The building energy conservation academician workstation unveiled on the same day is led by Tsinghua University professor and Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Jiang million. The workstation of the Academy of motor and control is set up by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University professor and the Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians. The two sides hope to cooperate with the enterprises in the innovation technology through the in-depth cooperation between the universities and the enterprises. A breakthrough has been made and a number of excellent innovative personnel have been developed.

It is understood that Jiang million is engaged in the research work in the field of building energy conservation, a member of the State Council energy advisory expert, a member of the National Committee on climate change experts, a member of the Ministry of construction, and a member of the writing group of the international climate change research assessment report, IEA (International Energy Organization) (International Energy Organization) cooperation item (building and community energy conservation). A member of the Directorate of the Directorate (representative of China), who has been engaged in or in charge of the design of a number of large hydroelectric generators such as Liujiaxia, was approved for a long time in the design work of hydro turbine power generation. In 1985, it was approved as an expert with outstanding contribution to the state.

"After the establishment of the academician station, I hope to achieve two effects." Dong Mingzhu said, one is to speed up the development of the ability to break through more new technology, consumer demand oriented, to create a better environment for a better life of this development direction; the second, hope through the two academician platform, in GREE's more than 12000 research and development team, cultivate ten academicians.

During the interview, two academicians and Dong Mingzhu mentioned the issue of personnel training many times. Rao Fangquan said GREE has a strong talent team and professional equipment, which is a great advantage. Technical innovation can not rely on the school itself, on the one hand, if the research and development technology is brought to the enterprise, a collision will soon produce new things; the other, if the talent training of the enterprise is closed to the door, there will be problems. In the future, the talents of GREE can also be sent to the school, both theory and practice. A real combination of research and production.

Jiang Yi regrets that in many countries, the development and innovation of applied science are mainly driven by enterprises. Now, the real innovation body has come to the enterprise. "Schools mainly do basic research, while applied research is developed in enterprises." Jiang Yi said that his greatest expectation for academician workstations is to cultivate a group of innovative talents.

After the establishment of the two academician workstations, what are the intentional technical tackling directions? Two academicians and Dong Mingzhu indicated that they had formed several definite directions, but it was not convenient to disclose them. Dong Mingzhu also said that the establishment of the academician workstation marked GREE Electric's entry into a new starting point and reached a new stage. She hopes that the company will not only have immediate technology, but also forward-looking technology for the future.

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