Girls with cerebral palsy were drowned: their father tried to choke when he was born.

Girls with cerebral palsy were drowned: their father tried to choke when he was born.

Original title: incident of cerebral palsy girl drowning: separation and separation of a family

In her newborn years, she had all the spoiled, called "babies," held in her arms, kissed, and given precious birthday gifts. A few years later, Xuan Xuan's body was salvaged by the police from the Jurong River. The green jade Buddha was photographed and published in the "Revelation of the Source of the Corpse".

Wen Jing, Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing Intern Zhang Yichuan

A "cadaver source" is still unclaimed for nearly a month in Jiangning, Nanjing. The revelation is a eight year old girl with a giant Ladybug decorated with a pink double shoulder bag with two bricks in the bag and a weight of eight Jin.

In the early morning of July 25th, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau arrested two people: first, Yang rang, he was taken away by the police when he worked overtime, and then Lao Yang. The 65 year old man was taken away from a construction site, the workers were not yet out of work, and the site was quiet.

The people around in the later news that the two people were arrested and "the source of the source" of the girl, whose name is Xuan Xuan, a cerebral palsy girl, the daughter of Yang Xiang, the granddaughter of Lao Yang.

This is supposed to be a family living together, but because of the illness of Xuan Xuan, it is scattered and separated. Grandpa Lao Yang worked in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. Father Yang rang in Wuhu city of Anhui province. His mother lived in the county of Wuhu, and grandma Guo Fang took Xuan Xuan to Huaian in Jiangsu. In 6 years, they don't see each other.

Until early June of this year, Guo Fang was diagnosed with advanced rectal cancer, a family gathered together, Guo Fang was Yang Xiang received to Wuhu for surgery. Xuan was unattended and sent to Nanjing where Lao Yang worked.

In June 25th, Xuan Xuan's remains were found by fishermen in the Jurong river.

Criminal suspect

NInghang high speed, which connects Nanjing and Hangzhou, is extended along the north-west and Southeast, and the vehicles are running. It is an important trunk line on the Yangtze River Delta; the Jurong River from the southwest to the northeast is much lighter, passing through the woods, weeds and anglers. It is one of the sources of the Qinhuai River.

The intersection of the river and the road is where the remains of Xuan Xuan were discovered.

When he was found, Xuan Xuan was dressed in a pink coat and seven blue white spots, and the backpack was pink, decorated with a huge ladybug, with a green jade Buddha.

The next day, the police issued a "search for the source of the source". It said that the valuable clues were awarded 2000 yuan, and the clothing photos and the dressing effect were displayed. 6 days later, the amount of the reward rose to 20 thousand yuan.

In a few days after the case, the police arrived around the case, and the citizen's cell phone received a text message, the photos of the remains and the announcement of the source of the corpse were posted everywhere. Three or four pieces were posted around a building.

The boss of the nearby store remembered that the illiterate Lao Yang came to the store to buy cigarettes, and asked what she had written on it. The boss had retold the content of the announcement.

In July 27th, second days after Lao Yang was arrested, the construction site of Jinbao big market started as usual. Someone drilled the tiles on the floor one by one, and someone sprayed paint on the newly completed cupboard. After all the work is completed, it will be opened as a hotel with retro decorations and golden signboards.

Lao Yang has been working on this site since March this year. His main job is to see the gate. In the eyes of workers, his sense of existence is not high, we do not even know his full name, greeting when meeting, a "Lao Yang" passed.

At the age of 65, he was the oldest in the site, and someone concluded that he had a bad conclusion in his home. "Sixty or seventy years old is still a part-time job, and it is generally sixty or seventy years old."

In the past few months, Lao Yang will collect the waste paperboard on the site and call Lao Zhang on the phone for a few months.

"I think the speaker is so good that he can't see anything else." Lao Zhang said.

A few days later, Lao Yang was taken away by the police from the site of Nanjing. It was difficult for the workmates to connect the little girl drowning to the old man who was not very talkative. In their opinion, he was kind, honest, and not a bad person.

Yang Xiang was taken away by the police when the company worked overtime. The power plant engineer had the same introverted character as his father in the eyes of his friends and friends, but "often travel with people, a little better than his father."

On the morning of June 25, a villager found Xuan Xuan drifting in the water while fishing under a highway bridge. After reporting to the police, the body was salvaged and landed by the police.

A month later, in July 25th, the police issued a report that two suspects confessed the fact that the child was drowned in the Jurong River in June 23rd because of the disability of a girl's mentally retarded.

On the same day, three names of consanguinity appeared on the same police notice, identifying the suspect, the suspect and the victim.

Family war

Out of the north-west of Wuhu County, the village of Zhou Xia is located more than 10 kilometers away. In the hot summer of Jiangsu, through the innumerable noisy cicada, the car sailed into the cement road from the asphalt road and turned into the gravel road to find the old house of Yang's family.

The white two storey small building, falling off the wall and half of the couplet, a lock in the middle of the door, looking at the few of the furniture inside: wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden beds, light blue bedding and a small one meter high small refrigerator.

Time has been pushed forward for more than ten years, here and many rural families are different, parents are diligent to work in the field, for children to study; some of the boys and girls, the better educational resources to the son; looking forward to the next generation of marriage, the generation of generations...

The baby has disturbed the rhythm of this ordinary family.

In November 2010, Xuan Xuan was born. In the days after that, her differences were gradually discovered by her family: no crying, no eating, no talking, no bowel movements. Soon, this "not normal" child in Nanjing Children's Hospital diagnosed lung development problems and cerebral palsy.

Families remember that Xuan Xuan broke his leg when he couldn't walk. Later he learned to walk, but he still stood unsteadily. The body develops as well as normal children, but intelligence stays at about one year old. No diet, swallowing consciousness, can not control the size and stool, the mood is also different from the normal child, "sometimes laugh, do not know how to laugh; crying when not like other children crying, she screams, do not know why, called." The family said.

In the newborns, she has all the spoils, called "baby", held in her arms, kissed, and sent to a valuable birthday gift - the statue of Buddha worn around her neck a few years after her first birthday, 480 yuan, more expensive than that of his son - a few years later, Xuan Xuan's body The green jade Buddha was photographed by police from the sentence Rong river. It was printed on the "source of the corpse".

Some netizens leave a message: a man wearing Guanyin woman wears Buddha, how many people should be the baby in the palm of her hand when she was born.

But the disease of Xuan Xuan still caused the whole family's quarrel.

Guo Fang said that his son's wedding house was bought with loans and had to be repaid every month. It was another expense to treat Xuan's illness, and the couple began to quarrel.

The villagers' evaluation of Yang Xiang is the people who study more, do not love to speak and face the face. The two husband and wife work out most of the time and pay the child to the two old people, but "sometimes the quarrel to fall to the things can be heard."

The old two are also noisy. In the impression of the villagers, Lao Yang is out of the way, stubborn and unwilling to speak. He goes out to work and plays mahjong in his spare time. "He does not want to talk to others about the little guy, and he talks about the chill in his heart."

"Grandpa wants to throw her away," she said. The two men quarreled with each other, making no difference to each other. Relatives recollection.

In the impression of the villagers and their relatives, the burden of Xuan Xuan's seeking medical advice is basically on the shoulders of Guo Fang. Xuan Xuan's parents do not have time outside, Guo Fang took her out, from Nanjing Children's Hospital to downtown, "which place is good to see where to see", then the situation has not obviously improved, but also go less.

A staff member of Anhui Disabled Persons'Federation said that Xuan Xuan was not only cerebral palsy, but also an external feature of her. Her more typical feature was mental retardation.

"At the age of three or four, after diagnosis and treatment, doctors and medical institutions may also tell them that the likelihood of an immediate change in appearance is gone. Under such circumstances, in the relatively gentle period, rehabilitation training is necessary to improve her function and relieve symptoms. The staff said that the subsidy standard is carried out according to the national standard, each person is 12 thousand yuan per year, the patient is trained in the institution, 10 thousand yuan is given to the institution, and 2000 yuan is subsidized by the family.

In June 2015, Grandma Guo Fang took Xuan Xuan to Wuhu Second People's Hospital for a half-year rehabilitation training, but never to go again.

The quarrel between parents ended at the age of two or three. In July 2012, Xuan Xuan's parents agreed to divorce, and she was brought up by her father. Then, Grandma Guo Fang took her away from Wuhu and they went to Huai'an to live in the countryside.

Guo Fang, a neighbour in Huaian, remembered that she had talked about her granddaughter to Huaian in the chat after dinner: "when the child was born, (the child's father) wanted to kill the child and pinch her."

Every family has their whereabouts, and even the new year is hard to get together. Every Spring Festival, Xuan Xuan's aunt began to organize family gatherings, but "call the children grandpa, do not come; call the children father, do not come; all alone. Grandma took her with him, not to come. "

Each side of the sky

In the past six years, five people in one family have been scattered in four places.

Grandpa lived in the old house and worked in the surrounding town; dad went to the power plant in Wuhu to find new jobs, live in the dorm on weekdays; mother lived in the county town; only grandma and granddaughter were together, went to Huaian, and lived in the village.

Both parents have their own new lives and have no contact with each other. Grandpa and grandma speak Wuhu dialect one, Huai'an dialect one, for a long time even do not understand what the other side is talking about, although there is no divorce, but also cut off contact. Grandma Guo Fang lived in Huaian with her granddaughter. She changed all two cell phone numbers and didn't want to go back.

"Take her out and let her son marry a wife and become a family. Children are not happy to see them. " Guo Fang said.

Huaian is the home of Guo Fang, and her ten brothers and sisters live here. At first, when his granddaughter came over, he lived in an uncertain place and lived in different relatives. Later, he lived with a local old man and had a stable residence.

Every morning at six o'clock, Guo Fang called her granddaughter to take medicine, a bottle of syrup for children, a bottle of brain protein water oral liquid, Xuan Xuan won't use a straw, Guo Fang will get the bottle cap down, put the medicine into the mouth of the granddaughter.

Doctors have not told her to sleep too much, exercise more and play more games. When the weather is good, Guo

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