The veteran soldier sacrificed his comrades for 1902 years for 37 years: where they were, I was there.

The veteran soldier sacrificed his comrades for 1902 years for 37 years: where they were, I was there.

Original title: Veterans for the 1902 sacrifice Comrade Shou Ling 37 years: where they are where I am

In the cemetery of Longzhou martyrs on the Sino Vietnamese border, there is a loyal guardian of the tomb, Niu Ben Tong. In the past 37 years, no matter what the wind and rain, he has been sticking to 1902 heroes who have been sleeping here. Many people advised ben to change his "decent" job, but he said, "my comrades here, I am here."

The pain that can't be forgotten all my life

In the martyrs cemetery of Longzhou, the monument of the martyrs stands solemnly. Along the Qingshi plank road, the cemetery was divided into 4 zones according to the ancestral home of martyrs, separated by pine trees and green plants. Niu Ben also introduced: "there are 1902 tombs on the martyrs of the Vietnam self defense counterattack. They come from 23 provinces and regions in the country, most of them are only 20 years old when they die. Some have just joined the army for a month and have been killed. "

Niu Ben is almost able to accurately tell every martyr's deeds. In one of his most familiar tombstones, Liang Hanjiang, a comrade in arms from Hainan, was buried.

In the early August 1st, the 62 year old button Ben and riding a motorcycle, from the Longzhou County of Guangxi to the Longzhou martyr cemetery in the suburbs of Longzhou, walked slowly to the tombstone of the 9 Row 6 of the Liang Hanjiang martyrs and placed a cigarette in front of the tomb. "Today is the army day, I come to see you."

For Niu Ben, the war that took place on the Sino Vietnamese border in 1979 is unforgettable.

In that year, Niu Ben, who lived in Shuikou Town on the border, was familiar with the terrain and environment. He had fought alongside the Lianghan River from Hainan as a militia. "In February 17, 1979, the troops were prepared to launch a total attack. We lay in ambush in the hillside grass. Liang Hanjiang suddenly took out three packets of jasmine cigarettes and said that he could not finish it. Then he went to the top of the hill to look at the situation. I didn't expect to go out for a few meters, but unfortunately I was hit by a shell.

Even though it had been nearly 40 years, Niuben told reporters that it was "a tragedy he will never forget in his life". "Later, the comrades-in-arms rescued Liang Hanjiang from his back down the hill. His back was covered with blood. Before he arrived, he had already died. He was only 25 years old."

Where are my comrades in the war

After the war, Ben Ben always wanted to do something for his comrades who died.

In 1980, when he saw that Longzhou County Civil Affairs Bureau recruited the martyrs cemetery administrator, he had no intention to sign up. And this is the same work for 37 years.

"There were 7 martyrs cemetery around Longzhou County in different sizes, and some were severely damaged because of their disrepair. In 1984 and 1988, after the two relocation, the government moved all the surrounding martyrs cemetery to this point. He told reporters that when he moved, he had to dig 6 tombs a day, finish the remains of the martyrs in the daytime, open a walking tractor at night, and bury the remains to the new grave.

Guarding the cemetery is hard work and is considered unlucky by many people.

"At that time, people around me often called me'Gravehill Man', some people feel that doing this job taboo, and some people can not stand the smell of moving the grave." "This is my comrade in arms, my brother, there is nothing to be afraid of," he thought.

Niuben's wife had advised him to change his "decent" job, but Niuben's answer was, "My comrade-in-arms is here. I'm here."

37 years for the mausoleum of comrades in war

In the martyrs cemetery for 37 years, Niu's daily work is spent on checking the martyrs and searching for the martyrs, in addition to the cleaning of the cemetery.

"There were only 1,880 martyrs'tombs in the cemetery before, and we have verified that more than 20 martyrs have been restored and more than 400 martyrs' information revised over the years. They must be remembered by posterity for their sacrifice for the country. " The button is the same.

Since the martyrs cemetery of Longzhou martyred the list of martyrs to the Internet in 2012, the number of people coming to seek relatives in recent years has increased year by year.

The most impressive thing that made knob was the 2017 Qing Ming, a 87 year old father from Hunan, who took 38 years on the notice of his son's comrades, and finally found his son's tombstone at the martyr cemetery in Longzhou. "Seeing the old man crying and losing his voice in front of the tomb, it feels heartache and gratifying," Niu said. "Our work is at all able to get these lost comrades and their families."

Before and after the Army Day, people came to worship the heroes in an endless stream. Huang Yingying, who lives in Xiafrozen Town of Longzhou County, is one of them.

"I was 10 years old in 1979, and I still remember the sound of the artillery bombing and the shaking of the house." Huang Yingying's home was next to the troops stationed in the border area, and he had formed a deep friendship with the soldiers for many years. Every time the soldiers came back to visit, Huang Yingying would accompany them to the martyr's cemetery to worship, and she also joined the Veterans Volunteers Association to help the relatives of the martyrs in their daily life.

In the 80s of last century, Tong Qiangsheng, in Yueyang, Hunan, once returned to the mausoleum of the martyrs in Longzhou third times after his retirement, with the army in the Sino Vietnam border battle of Longzhou. "Every time you come over, you will encounter the director of the button. If it is not for their persevering, the information of many martyrs will not be perfect."

History can't be forgotten

In June 2017, Niu was retiring from the position of the director of the Longzhou martyr cemetery management office, and he always insisted on the habit of coming to the cemetery every week. "I would like to accompany old comrades and look at them."

Now, Niu has put more energy on the collection of historical materials and the relics of the more self-defense against the war and the martyrs, and also created the "Longzhou" WeChat group, in order to convene the strong genus.

Although left the job, but Niu Ben's heart is always concerned about the cemetery.

Niuben said: "I hope to expand the scale of the exhibition hall in Longzhou Martyrs'Cemetery in the future and display all the exhibits collected. It is more hoped that the cemetery will be better developed and built into a scenic spot with patriotic education and ecological tourism as a whole, so that more people will come to visit it, and let the posterity remember the history and remember the martyrs.

To all national security and national dignity

Salute the hot blooded forerunners!

Guarding the heroes in silence,

People who serve the memorial facilities of the heroes!

Reporter: Yang Chen

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yiling

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