Part of online tutoring into PPT demonstration class, teachers and students tacit mixing time

Part of online tutoring into PPT demonstration class, teachers and students tacit mixing time

Original title: online PPT students play offline games online part tutoring "dawdle"

Xinhua news agency, Hangzhou, July 31 (Luang Jiang Yuan) summer heat, summer tutor more hot. With the popularity of the mobile Internet, online tutoring has recently become a new favorite in the summer education and training market with its "breakthroughs" and "no parental delivery". Students will not be able to accept the "prestigious school hegemony" guidance without the sun's head sun. However, due to the lack of constraint mechanism, the two ends of the network often lack teaching interaction, and some online tutors even become "PPT demonstration classes".

Beijing, a 985 college economic major sophomore Xiao Ping, the summer vacation through a well-known online tutor platform to Zhejiang senior students Xiao Hao tutoring English, although earning more than the line of tutoring, but each class 60 minutes she felt "torment".

"Xiaohao English foundation is poor, the desire to learn is not strong, is to cope with parents, but also convenient lazy to choose online tutoring." Xiao Ping said, at first, also wanted to be careful to help students to improve, but the other side often fell in love with the mobile phone. She also accepted the "tacit agreement". Each time she only needed a key to play the courseware, she could easily earn the time fee.

It is understood, like this "tacit lesson" is not a case, many college students in online tutoring have encountered unconscientious and uncoordinated students, at the beginning, they also tried to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students. The time has also adapted to the mixed time teaching model, like the "comparative and most advanced" knowledge of the English base. Knowledge can be dragged to teach ten classes, "anyway, students are not anxious, ask questions do not answer."

Ms. Wang, the parent of Hangzhou, says that the online tutor is always very quiet in children. She is very curious about the effect of the "silent" teaching, but the child "specifies" to teach online at home, not to get out of the sun, and to pay two hundred or three hundred yuan to "learn better than not learn". A section of tuition.

On the other hand, major online education platforms often claim to have technical measures to deal with this phenomenon, but the binding force is not strong. A platform for parents' special APP can be used to supervise teachers and students through attending classes. But a lot of parents say, let the children on online tutor book because they "do not have time" "do not understand", as long as the children to ensure the summer of these courses, but also "open one eye closed one eye", the teaching effect is difficult to evaluate.

Yang Liang, a senior middle school senior middle school director of Yuhang high school, thinks that online education is convenient, but it is more suitable for students with strong autonomy. Parents should choose the training mode carefully according to their children's learning characteristics, rather than simply "throw them to the teachers".

"Even if college students become tutors online, they should also be'good teachers'and learn to resonate with students, instead of treating education as a'business'." Yang Liang said that the platform should also upgrade the technical means to put the teaching supervision in place and not let online tutoring "stale". (finish)

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